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Bad Mr Frosty 10 December 2003 09:54

System/drive tests
I know faith is a busy guy so I hope someone here can help instead of me pestering him with email:)

I have been asked to do the "system/drive tests as mentioned in the docs" to ensure my Amiga is suitable for CAPS dumping. Problem is I have no idea what the tests are and what docs to look in to find out. I have had a look all over the CAPS website, am I missing something?

fiath 10 December 2003 13:05

Did I not send you the dumping disk? Sorry about that, I thought you already had it. PM'ed.

Now, just follow the docs included and it will tell all you need to do to produce the tests we need. Once that is done and okay'ed by us you will need to dump one disk as a final test.

Once that is all done (and there are no problems) you can continue to dump the disks you have.


Bad Mr Frosty 10 December 2003 20:29

All done, hope its OK :D

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