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Frog 05 November 2006 23:12

Plobox ! A great online oldschool music jukebox !
Plopbox ! Top of the plops! online oldschool computer music jukebox


A great oldschool music jukebox. computer music player music system

This is the online oldschool music jukebox.

You will find here the best tunes ever written on Amiga, Atari, PC or C64. You can browse through the list and find wonderful musics, rated by the community.

If you register, you can use Plopbox as a kind of web radio which will play your personalized playlist, one of our music selections or just everything.

We need you to provide us new tunes, logos, links, your comments and votes for the tunes.

Thanks by advance for supporting Plopbox and helping us.

alexh 25 November 2021 20:28

Such a shame Plopbox has gone. Back in the day it was my go-to page for chip music in the office.

I wonder if mandrixx (aka Launay Nicolas) or Yopkool are still around? Maybe they still have the sources?

Subzero 26 November 2021 01:38

damn, i just thought its back again...

alexh 26 November 2021 10:23


Originally Posted by Subzero (Post 1518958)
damn, i just thought its back again...

If I can bring it back I will. Just trying to get in contact with the original guys. Happy to host and if within my capabilities mod the code so that it works with modern Java / browsers (I don't know if you remember but that is what happened towards the end, the site became incompatible with modern browsers)

Subzero 15 December 2021 00:25

true i remember that..

Frog 19 December 2021 14:25

good luck in your project to me plobbox back online

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