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absence 22 August 2012 15:11

Aegis Sonix
Does anyone have images from original untouched floppies? I.e. not the ones with messages from cracking groups and swappers that float around on TOSEC, etc.

All versions are welcome!

absence 22 August 2012 23:52

From this picture (not sure what version it is) it's clear that the software came on more than one disk: http://www.stone-oakvalley-studios.c...3/img_6877.jpg

prowler 23 August 2012 00:42

There's Uncle Tom's disks...

I'll upload them to The Zone for you. :)

Edit: Done! :great

absence 23 August 2012 00:53

I've checked them out, but they seem to be altered. Thanks for trying though!

cosmicfrog 23 August 2012 08:37

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found a version for you to try
Aegis Sonix v2.0 (1987)(Aegis)

edit humm seems to be in my tosec collection aswell still don`t see any cracker info

absence 23 August 2012 10:01

Yes, that one is possibly good (I already have it since it's from TOSEC as you say), but it's only disk 1. Thanks though! :)

absence 23 August 2012 16:58

AmigaScne has both disks for Sonix 2.0 in the Sound/Sonix directory (SonixV20A.adf and SonixV20B.adf), and they seem to be clean! Disk 1 is identical to the one provided by cosmicfrog from TOSEC. Still interested in clean copies of older versions, in particular 1.4, because they have different instruments from 2.0.

prowler 23 August 2012 22:58


Originally Posted by absence (Post 835590)
Still interested in clean copies of older versions, in particular 1.4, because they have different instruments from 2.0.

AmigaScene has a Sonix 1.4 archive (not disk images, unfortunately) also in the Sound/Sonix directory (Sonix14.lha), but many instruments are included. :)

absence 23 August 2012 23:17

Yes I saw it. Judging by the modification date of some of the files, the archive is not made from an unmodified disk unfortunately. :/

absence 21 December 2013 11:33

Bumping this to see if anyone has found clean copies of versions older than 2.0 this last year. :)

LocoSombrero 15 March 2016 17:32

Hey there!

I just recently got my Amiga Explorer + null modem cable connection working, just wanted to say that I now have an .adf image of Aegis Sonix v2.0 on my PC that on the other hand is a cracked version, but it also boots up really fast from a floppy (max. 15sec or so loading time, no hassle, no startup screens) and the MIDI IN functionality is there as well! I've tested the ADF image to be working perfectly with Amiga Forever 2016/WinUAE so it's pretty much guaranteed to work, if you're just looking for the MIDI IN functionality and so forth.

Since Aegis Sonix software has its copyrights even today, I don't have any idea how to proceed from here on, so PM me if necessary. Thanks.

absence 15 March 2016 21:36

Cracked versions are a dime a dozen, but thanks all the same. :) Still interested in unmodified images of Sonix 1.x!

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