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Account termination
A member will be removed from the EAB if they:
  • Post racist remarks
  • Post sexist remarks
  • Post homophobic remarks
  • Persistently troll specific users and/or projects
  • Personally attack other users
  • Have multiple accounts
  • Only posting in off-topic sections
  • Consistently derail topics
  • Are inactive in the forum

Posting racist, sexist or homophobic remarks:

The rules here are self-explanatory and reflect society. There is no place for this type of viewpoint on the forum. While it is your right to have these opinions, they are not welcome of the forums and will be dealt with immediately.

Persistently trolling specific users and/or projects:

By and large you will know that you are trolling as it’s a conscious decision you have likely made. Examples of trolling are posting remarks directed towards other members consistently that are negative, always trying to turn a discussion into the topic you wish to troll against.

Personal attacks:

As much as another member may annoy you, or has “wronged” you in another thread, this forum is not the place to carry out a vendetta against them. If you feel their remarks are out of order, report the post. DO NOT take matters into your own hands as this will likely lead to you receiving a ban regardless of if you were initially in the right or not.

Multiple accounts:

If you register a second account on the forum there is only one legitimate reason to do so, and that is you have lost your original account details and can no longer log in. In this instance when the new account is created immediately contact a global moderator or admin to make them aware, this way we can investigate the previous account to ensure it belongs to you and then furnish you with the details so the account can be accessed again. Once done, the new account will be deleted, leaving only the original account.

If you are creating a second account for any other reason, when discovered you will find all your accounts are banned and any further registrations using email address linked to those accounts or IP addresses will be banned.

Only posting in off-topic:

Check the name on the forum, English Amiga Board. If you aren’t here to post about the Amiga then you aren’t welcome. Off topic is an area for active members to post other interesting topics that do not fit under the Amiga banner, it is not for you to register and only post in. Posts do not count from this section so your account will automatically be deleted as described below under “inactive in the forum”.

Consistently derail topics:

While not a major issue as topics can veer off topic during the natural course of the discussion, however if you continually steer a discussion away from the subject or towards a topic that you wish to discuss, you will be warned. If you persist, other measures will be taken against you. To avoid this, raise your own thread on the subject rather than hijacking another similar topic.

Inactive in the forum:

Members that have not posted more than 10 posts after 6 months of being registered will automatically be deleted. This is fair warning and a reasonable amount of time to contribute 10 posts. In many other forums you have to post several times this amount to be even considered a member.

Threads vandalized
Once a user has either created a thread, or posted within a thread on the EAB Forums, regardless of when or how long ago, and the thread/post came to be removed through unforeseen circumstances/attacks/sabotage, or has either been edited beyond its original understanding, or has simply been deleted by the user, the EAB staff have the right to either restore it, restore it to a previous edit, restore it via Google cache or restore it via any other means possible. The thread/post is part of the EAB forum community, and although it may be your thread/post, EAB reserves the right to delete, re-edit or restore any thread/post we deem fit for the purposes of normal forum rules and the security of the EAB forums.

Depending on the severity and whether the attack was viably performed by the member, could result in the member being issued with a permanent ban.

Once you have posted, you have fundamentally waivered the ownership of the so called threads/posts.

Banned topics
The following topics should not be discussed on the EAB:
  • Political affairs
  • Religion
  • Racism
The reason that they are not allowed is that they nearly always end in flame wars.
The EAB is not a platform to force political propaganda and views on other members.

Signature (direct signatures are not allowed)
When you are writing a message, direct signatures are not allowed. They are considered as spamming.

Signatures include: names, nicknames, poetry, quotes, philosophy, jokes, adverts. The size of the signature is not relevant; it is still a signature.

If you want to have your own personal signature (be it your name, a message, or whatever), follow these steps:
  • Go to your User Control Panel (usercp)
  • Complete the field "signature" in the "Edit Profile" section
  • In the "Edit Options" section, activate the option "Show user's signatures in their posts".
Using this method, you won't force other members to see your signature. Everyone then should be able to choose wether they want to see them or not.

Tapatalk Users: How to disable the default Tapatalk signatures (subject to change)
  • Go to your profile within the Tapatalk App.
  • Click Settings.
  • Scroll down to signature and click.
  • Either switch off completely for all forums, or
  • Select EAB and switch it off from within there.
  • Please re-check Tapatalk after an update as it has been known to switch signatures back on silently.
If you're using another App other than Tapatalk, disabling signatures within that App will be solely down to the user.
We cannot supply instructions to every App that is developed for use with vBulletin Forum software, or provide all the different variations and methods to disable signatures.

Off Topic Posting Guidelines
Can all members please note that the Off Topic forums are for to discuss anything not related to the main forums. They are not for OTT jokes, rants or laughs and the like... (Mild humour is acceptable and will be tolerated to a point) Nor is it provided as an area to infringe the rights of normal common decency towards other members and/or the moderation team.
It is NOT for disturbing images, language or sexual innuendo!

Please be aware, that although images of sorts are acceptable, a continuous barrage of images in a single posts or one post after the other, will not be tolerated and will be treated and dealt with in a similar manner to spam.

Please consider if what you are posting is suitable for a child and if it is not, then DON'T post it!

The following is prohibited and any member posting will receive an instant 1 month ban!
  • Pornographic images that are more than topless (this includes animals!!)
  • Images of cruelty towards other people or animals
  • OTT images that would be considered offensive
  • Religious/Political images/rants
Can all members also please note that anyone posting child porn of any description or images where the age of the person on the image can not be clarified and that person does not look 18yrs+ then the member responsible will receive a perm ban and their details passed onto the required authorities!

You, the member, remain solely responsible for the content of your post and the OT Mods/GM's reserve the right to delete, move or edit any irrelevant threads or posts that infringe any of the above rules without warning, but will post or send a PM to explain why the post has been edited/deleted.

Workbench disks, Kickstart ROMs & software or music files still supported/for sale

It is illegal to distribute kickstart ROMs or Workbench disks (even if modified) as they are still copyrighted.

So please:

  1. Do not: Post a link to where to download the ROMs/disks from
  2. Do not: Attach the ROM in a post
  3. Do not: Upload them to the zone
  4. Do not: Post the source code

You can either use the ROM(s) / Workbench disks from your real Amiga(s) or you can buy them from: www.amigaforever.com

Please do not request for software which is still currently supported/still for sale. Distribution of serial numbers, keyfiles (e.g. whdload keyfile etc.) is strictly prohibited.

Also, please do not upload/post music files (mp3, wma, org, wav etc) which can still be purchased.

Doing so will result in the topic being locked/closed and the file(s) being deleted.

Anybody linking to or uploading any of these copy protected files will be banned immediately without warning.
  1. First Offence a 1 week ban
  2. Second Offence a 1 month ban
  3. Third offence a permanent ban

MarketPlace Rules

Posting of eBay links:

  • Please post ALL eBay links in the one "ebay Links" thread which can be found by clicking on THIS LINK
  • Please include useful information with the link (i.e. what the item for sale is, price, country etc.)
  • Any posts with just an eBay link or link with e.g. "look at this cool item for sale" will be deleted.
  • Multiple eBay posts outside of the EBay links thread is no longer allowed.

If you want to customize your profile, check your User Control Panel (user cp). With it, you will be able to use:
  • The EAB's avatars (you can use your own custom avatar or pick one from many galleries). N.B. Animated avatars are not allowed as they are too distracting.
  • Your worldwide location (town / country).
  • And of course the Custom User Text.
Do not forget that your website IS also linked with all your messages, as well as these informations, so try not to put it in your signature, if you choose to use one.

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