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A Month With AROS ...

A month of development with AROS: May 2017

- autodocs/webpage updated/fixed (mazze)
- posix enhancements (Kalamatee)
- work on native git continues (Kalamatee)
- adapt network driver code to recent utility.library changes (neil)
- debugging build fixes for 68k (kalamatee)
- adapt code for const TagItem changes (neil)
- network card improvements (neil)
- debug build now stores debug info in .dbg files (Kalamatee)
- InitKickMemDiag fixed (twillen)
- Rom image size check added (Kalamatee)
- amiga-m68k rom fixes, a1200 should boot again (twilen)
- m68k rom size optimization (Kalamatee)
- cd-startup improvements (Kalamatee)
- add separate gifanim datatype descriptor)
- gifanim datatype descriptor added (Kalamatee)
- autodocs updated (mazze)
- AddDataTypes target cpu awareness added (Kalamatee)
- cia.h defines added (Kalamatee)
- lowlevel.library m68k timer support added (Kalamatee)
- KrnIsSuper m68k optimized (twillen)
- m68k workarounds for bad software (Oktagon controller) added (twillen)
- m68k rom init fixes (twillen)
- developer files for InstallAROS fixed (Kalamatee)
- .dbg files are now ignored by AROS (Kalamatee)
- lowlevel.library m68k work continues (Kalamatee)
- Gfx Bitmap-Class optimization (Kalamatee)
- m68k type detection / optimizations (Kalamatee)
- fix undefined Locale's loc_MeasuringSystem (pollux)
- Intuition Screen fixes (Kalamatee)
- Apollo'080 detection (Kalamatee, twilen)
- MUI window class compatibility enhanced (neil)
- run setpatch from startup-sequence (Kalamatee)
- new mirrors for third party code added (neil)
- m68k ata fixing/debugging continues (twilen)
- Fix random lost interrupts for certain IDE hardware. Fixes A4000 IDE issue (twilen)
- prevent possible access fault in internal loadseg (twilen)
- Start of FastATA class (kalamatee)
- Apollo Core detection improvements (mness)

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Location: Brindisi (Italia)
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A month of development with AROS: June 2017

- Fixes for French &Italian catalogues, incl. backport (neil)
- Small fixes for Portuguese language file (pollux)
- Brazilian language file added (pollux)
- Corrected website link to SVN (desperado, impulse)
- Use localized application name in requester (neil)
- Improvements on intel HD-Audio snoop handling, incl. backport (neil)
- List of intel HD Audio controllers extended (neil)
- Bring all catalogues up to date (neil)
- Preparations for Codesets support in catalogs (pollux)
- Removed obsolete catalogue strings from appearance prefs (neil)
- Removed obsolete catalogue strings from input prefs (neil)
- Updated catalogue strings from input prefs (neil)
- Reverted accidental building of all catalogs (including those not up to date) (neil)
- Localized program name in input prefs error message (neil)
- Use correct catalogue filename for BongIconBar prefs (neil)
- Renamed BongIconBar catalog descriptor file for consistency (neil)
- Fixed Czech codeset for Pointer Prefs catalogue (neil)
- Dynamic generation of label names for printer prefs catalogues (neil)
- Removed obsolete entries in printer prefs catalogues (neil)
- Fixed memory leak in printer Prefs (neil)
- Added and Updated Italian catalogues for prefs programs: Appearance, BoingIconBar, Boot, IControl, Input and Network (neil, translations by paolone)
- ZuneARC updated to currently available source archive (wawa)
- Grafx2 compiles for m68k now (wawa)
- reqtools prefs gui/catalog cleanups (neil)
- Added a note about the read-only SVN account to webpage (neil)
- Zune Group-Class MUIM_Family_GetChild added (neil)
- Realtek8180 cleanups (neil)
- Rhine cleanups (neil)
- Intelpro100 cleanups (neil)
- Rtl8029 ABI v1 fix (neil)

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Join Date: Aug 2014
Location: Brindisi (Italia)
Posts: 2,972
A month of development with AROS: August 2017

- multiple compiler warnings fixed (neil)
- use unified vapor.h header for morphos ports (wawa)
- multiple compiler warnings fixed (wawa)
- alternative repository for netpbm added (neil)
- Zune test code enhanced (neil)
- Vpdf fixes (neil)
- ReadArgs parameters adapted to os3 API (neil)
- new Zunepaint port started (mazze)
- Potrace updated to v1.14 (mazze)
- ZuneView updated to v0.37 (mazze)
- BWBasic updated to v3.20 (mazze)
- Rocks'n'diamonds updated to v4.0.0.2 (mazze)
- cflow updated to v1.5 (mazze)
- antiword fixes (mazze)
- Zunepaint working in m68k now (wawa)
- milkytracker for m68k fixes (wawa)
- GnuRobbo updated to v0.68 (mazze)
- Gnujump updated to v.10.8 (mazze)
- Fixed possible indefinite loop in iffparse.library (o1i)
- grub2 configure fix (mazze)
- Doom ggc6 fixes (mazze)
- Fix for a potential division by zero crash in CoW3D (mazze)
- FryingPan fixes (mazze)
- Many Scout 64bit fixes (mazze)
- Scout m68k fixes (wawa)
- Spout 64bit crash fixed (mazze)
- nlist ggc6 workaround (mazze)
- Cardgame 64bit crash fixed (mazze)
- AmiChess fixes for 64 bit started (mazze)
- ISWindow, MineField, Soliton 64bit fixes (mazze)
- Zune Toolbar class 64bit fixes (mazze)
- Zune Prefseditr class 64bit fixes (mazze)
- indetify.library path fix (mazze)
- DiskSpeed fixes (wawa)
- FryingPan m68k fixes (wawa)
- MuiMine ported to 64bit (mazze)
- MuiMine m68k fix (wawa)
- PCRE updated to v8.41 (mazze)
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