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Chaos Arena

Fellow Amigans!

Welcome to Chaos Arena!

Pit yourself against seasoned warriors in the most frantic duel to date! Every warrior looks the same, so your first challenge is to figure out who's who. The only way to defeat others is to push them out of arena with your attacks, but beware - your fierceful strikes may also push you into abyss. Also, the arena constantly crumbles, so no hiding around! The last man standing wins.
Game features:
  • Chaotic and fierceful duel between 12 warriors
  • Simultaneous 6-player versus mode
  • 3 chaotic arenas
  • You've lost too early? Strike remaining players with thunders!
Game controls:
  • Joystick 1-4 through respective ports
  • WSAD + LShift
  • Arrows + RShift
Press button to activate player in Main Menu. Left/right toggles on/off

Amiga 500 with 512KB of CHIP memory, 512KB of other memory and KS1.3.
On newer kickstarts or when running from OS, you may need additional CHIP memory depending on its fragmentation.

This game was first released as demo version on DECRUNCH 2022 party on 22th October 2022 in Wroclaw, Poland.

Official premiere held at SACP meeting on 19th November 2022.

Get this game here:

Chaos Arena

like us on Facebook

or chat with us on Discord
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Gameplay: [ Show youtube player ]
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Chaos Arena. That should have been the name of Chaos Engine 2.
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That looks fun! Supported, Thanks
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How can you tell what player you control ?
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@nikosidis Thanks! We really appreciate it!

@adonay it's part of the game. You can figure it out on the initial countdown because although the movement is blocked, you can still change your warrior's direction and attack in-place. I was on the fence of adding indicators for that initial moment of the match, but the playtesters on Decrunch party said "NOOOO!" so I left it be. I may add it as an option later on if there's need for it though.

Also, we've made a release party on small Polish meeting called SACP. Done a tournament and the reception was quite nice. We even made a dedicated trophy:

Seriously guys, give this game a try. It's way better and intuitive when you start playing instead of just watching a movie. Also, it's already supported on AmigaLive, so grab your friends and hit it!

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