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Replacement transistor - Which one?

I need to replace transistor Q711 on my rev 5 A500 board, looking at the transistor it reads 2N3904M724, I can't see any of these specific ones at RS online, I can see 2N3904TAR, 2N3904TFR, 2N3904BU and 2N3904TA.

Are any of these okay, some seem to state they are capable of handling 100 Mhz, and some 300 Mhz, but apart from that them look/seem the same to the untrained eye.

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You are probably fine with any 2N3904 in the same physical package. I looked at the Fairchild data sheet but did not find a part number breakdown, however letters after the number usually indicate special conditions such as higher temperature rating. The inside of your Amiga is a pretty baseline environment as far as these special ratings go and you won't need anything exotic - also being attached to a 555 in the reset circuit that's not a high speed or particularly critical place.

https://www.petervis.com/electronics/2n3904/2n3904.html - BC547 may be easier to get. But this is a very basic transistor!
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Thanks for helping, I can get 2n3904's for about 20p each, just wanted to make sure I bought the correct one.

Thanks again
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