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New versions running dog slow - old version fine


I've been running .8.21 r 4 for a while now because it seems all the new versions don't run properly on my system. It's not CPU power, the CPUs are idle most of the time and the system is running dual Athlon 1800's. The frame counter hangs around 40+ to 50+ just sitting at a workbench screen on the latest versions.

Anyone know what the deal is? It's almost like the new versions are picking up something from the old config they don't like, but I put it in a new folder, same diff. Just waiting for the insert disk screen on Kickstart 2.0 only gets 40 to 50 fps. The old versions is capped at 60, rock solid.

Anyone have an idea what the problem is? I'd like to run the later versions but not if I can't get 60fps rock solid from them. I've tried everything I can, out of options...

Thanks in advance

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60hz is NTSC, 50Hz is PAL.
If you really want to run NTSC software set the chipset to NTSC, and set the frequency of the resolution you are running UAE in to a multiple of 60, ie 60, 120, 180 etc.
Also select default refresh rate for the desired resolution in UAE, or 60/120 Hz and vsync to be on the safe side, just in case your video card driver allows programmable refresh rate changes through DirectX. Be aware that if you have a developer version of DirectX you may have different preferences set that automatically override any refresh rate request.
Start UAE and when it has its own screen check on your monitor OSD that what you get is indeed the desired refresh rate (sometimes it may be off a bit, like 59...61, this is due to refresh rate fractions.) If your monitor does not show the correct refresh rate mess with the video card's driver or a 3rd party tool until it does...
So long the emulated video chipset's display frequency differ from the monitor refresh rate you'll see constantly changing or incorrect refresh rates, simply because that is how programs can compensate for the differences, there is no way around it.
The lowest monitor frequency where you can run both PAL and NTSC programs without changing the refresh rate is 300Hz...
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It's not a PAL/NTSC issue. It's running down around the 40's - it's not a CPU issue either, CPU use is at most 8% (non-gaming).

I'm running in a window, so refresh isn't an issue.

It's just not running full throttle. The old version shows 60fps and stays there - never moves, because it's got much more horsepower than needed. The newer one is hit or miss in the 40's or low 50's, NTSC...

I have found that if I turn on the JIT, I can get 60 fps pretty consistently. But that means I can't run in 68000 compatable mode at 60 fps, which I should most certainly be able to do.

Something isn't right, the older version runs 60fps balls out all day, all night, the newer one can't crack 52...


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