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Old 12 May 2003, 17:32   #1
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Floppy disk MoonStone ! help needed

Once upon a time, i was a kid, i played MOONSTONE.
I'll never ever forget that game.
Now, i want to relive that game, so i got a emuliator ( winuae ).
I got it working, and played some small games like: Larry lesuire suite 1..
I downloaded the three ADF's of Moonstone, i used the right configurement, and loaded the three ADF's in my emulator, i clicked " OK" and it got into AMIGA-DOS, wtf.

NOTE: Ive played MoonStone on a PC, and as most people knows, the PC version aint working. Ive never seen or played an amiga! so im kinda LOST

it keeps STUCK in the AMIGA-DOS, i try to do some commands like " RUN MOONSTONE " or " RUN MS " but no matter, its says PLZ REPLACE VOLUME IN ANY DRIVE, failcode 10.

k, i HAVE tryed to put the ADF 1 in first, and only. it works! woohoo........ ok ..... only intro >_<... it goes BLACK SCREEN after intro.... help, if i put all 3 discs in, it wont go further than AMIGA-DOS. HELPHELP
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After the intro and the screen goes black, you should try inserting the next disk in the same drive (DF0). Not that I have played the game in emulation or anything, but this sounds like the next logical step to me.
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Old 13 May 2003, 08:10   #3
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Sounds like your version of Moonstone is knackered to me it shouldn't exit to Amiga-DOS at all.

I'll upload a version I know works to the zone (button at the top right of the site)
It should work with a standard A500 config (1.3 kickrom, 1 MB chipram, OCS graphics chipset). I know I got the game working there under winfellow. so if winUAE doesn't do it for you you could either try another version of winUAE or find winfellow somewhere.

I'd have uploaded the AGA fixed version of moonstone but without access to my own drive I can only upload what I have on CD.

As for the PC version. It works just fine, it's just your computer which outgrew it. I'd suggest http://dosbox.sourceforge.net for a dos emulator which might be able to play it though a bit slowly. I've managed to get haloween harry, Rampart, Immortal and Serious Agent Man running in it with little or no problems at all.

The PC version of moonstone is a big step down from the Amiga one, so I'd suggest you give the Amiga one a good attempt before dumping it.
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Old 18 June 2003, 23:59   #4
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Ah ! Moonstone ! Great game ! I used to play for hours (damn thing didnt have a save option) in my old trusty A500 1MB....

It plays pretty well with fellow and UAE.I know cause i did replay it a couple of years ago.Cant remember with what version or settings though.

But i think the WinFellow will play it easily.

The only problem i had with this game, is that i couldnt finish it !

I became a badass knight (lots of strenggth,constitution,and stamina), had the best equipment (like the sword of sharpness), killed the dragon, got all the keys,went in the valley of the gods,smashed the guardian,and then ??? nothing...i didnt know what to do ! I went to stonehenge at a full moon,tried some other stuff i cant even remember, but no good

A hard days knight ? Most definately !
Old 19 June 2003, 00:05   #5
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Must been a bug.

I did the same, killed the dragon and got the best sword then I could meet the final boss, and I remember that it was very clear where to go to meet her. Great game, I finished it once playing the PC version (which isnt that bad).
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Old 19 June 2003, 00:10   #6
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Must been a bug
You know, its kinda nice to hear that.There was always a chance that just MY Moonstone game was faulty!

Pity though.Such an entertaining game ,having such a huge bug
Old 19 June 2003, 00:24   #7
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Guess that if any playtesting took place noone managed to complete the game completely.
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Old 19 June 2003, 01:50   #8
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Indeed....and probably because you couldnt save !
Old 21 June 2003, 13:18   #9
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You have to play with the WinUAE setting till the cows come home. I'll try it later and post my UAE config. Else try some other disks for now -[http://atomnet.co.uk/amiga/dir?game=Moonstone
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Old 21 June 2003, 17:56   #10
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Thumbs down

I'm having a hard time trying to see any appeal in this game-I don't exactly call getting squashed by some massive trollish monster the moment a fight screen loads up exactly fun or fair.

Much less the times I've died just as I'm killing the last baddie in a particular scene.
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Old 21 March 2014, 18:57   #11
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Amiga Forever - Moonstone does not run proper


I bought Amiga Forever Premium.
Most games are running fine, but Moonstone drives me crazy.
I tried lots of different versions, from different download sites. All were cracked by Crystal.
I used one port and when loading was successful, I was able to start playing.
But then, after a fight, when I can take the treasure and see my lifes and so on, the items on the picture are dislocated...
Most often, when I leave this screen, it is totally screwed. I cant see anything anymore; just lines and snow mixture...

Anybody an idea, where to get a working version?

I found a post where somebody safed one in the zone, but I don't have access...

Thanks in advance!

Old 22 March 2014, 01:34   #12
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Have you tried using FS-UAE? The database might have a correct setting that will work... or maybe using a WHDLoad version that might exist?
Old 22 March 2014, 01:47   #13
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As far as I know (and see) WHDLoad do not have that bug. But you must obtain keyfile to play this title under WHDLoad. Because slave require registered version.
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