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I can get a working A600 motherboard to you aberbach.

I've got 3 working units up here in Queensland.

PM me your details and I'll post it down to you.
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Old 26 July 2019, 03:32   #22
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ExtremeWays, fantastic. Thanks! PM sent.
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Old 28 July 2019, 02:33   #23
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Project complete! Well, mostly. Still need a case badge, install the LED board and get a Gotek.

It looks and feels very nice, I think. The 3D printed mounting brackets (thanks aeberbach!) fit well, though with a couple of caveats. I found the M3 screw head interfered with the spacebar stabiliser, so I had to sub in an M2 screw with washers either side. This fixed that problem.

I used 8mm M3 bolts on the bottom part (except as noted), and 6mm M3s on the sides. Any longer than 6mm and the bolt clashed with the Kipper2k side-mount CompactFlash adaptor that is on this board. 6mm was just a little too short for the bottom - perhaps the 3D printed part could be modified to recess the nut to solve this. This was one area where Bunnings did not have stock of useful parts, so I sourced them from RS Components instead.

The aluminium bar for board stiffness seems to do its job very well. The keyboard feels very nice to type on. I had envisioned more of a leg-in-the-middle kind of support system being necessary, but this works fine it seems.

I do have a DCS profile 9U spacebar from Signature Plastics, but I've not had a chance to make a 9U stabiliser for it yet. I may not, either. The colour is wrong (kind of beige) and the profile doesn't match the rest of the DSA keycaps. I suppose I could make a 3D printed keycap mount for the holes around the spacebar, but they honestly don't look that bad to me.

A very fun project indeed!
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Old 29 July 2019, 08:55   #24
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Nice job!

(I wish I could get back to mine but we have a guest staying in my office, which is where all my Amiga and computer stuff lives.)
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Old 20 September 2019, 16:21   #25
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Can someone show a picture of the bar you are using? I can't get it in my mind how this looks and installs.
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Old 22 September 2019, 03:48   #26
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I am disappointed with the stabilisers I got from AliExpress. They are very loose and fiddly to fit and add the wire to - will look harder for some screw-ins next time. Anyway - a bicycle spoke is the perfect substitute for the key stab wire! I had a disused wheel made with DT Swiss spokes, double-butted 2.0/1.8/2.0 - by snipping off the 2.0 section on the outside of the old spokes I found 1.8 is perfect. With some careful bending a 9U space bar from Signature Plastics is working very nicely.

Sorry I do not have a photo right now - maybe later tonight when I get the chance to sit down with the Amiga.
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Old 21 October 2019, 09:08   #27
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Two updates:

- I got some genuine Cherry screw-in stabilisers from Novelkeys LLC. The difference is night and day, now it feels like a mechanical keyboard should.

- I revised the PCB slightly, in case you were interested in having any made, as a couple of people have asked about it. The big return key footprint surprised me by including a LED, so in the old version of the PCB files two tracks are shorted by this LED symbol. The PCB people I use were good enough to modify the Gerber fab files for me so manufacturing turned out OK. I have now updated the PCB layout on GitHub and the Gerber files so if you send them off to get a PCB made exactly as they are then all should be well. HOWEVER don't do that! At the very least load KiCad yourself, generate your own Gerbers, check them carefully, and be sure that what you are paying money to receive is right.

Github: https://github.com/aeberbach/A1200KB

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I think this might be a much more viable option than trying to get new keycaps, having missed the kickstarter...

But I got a small question.

I don't know how good it'll look or how doable it is, but would it be possible to add configurable size blanks with actual non connected switches on either side to fill the blanks and accommodate more common spacebar lengths like 6.25~7U?


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Definitely, in fact there is no reason not to add switches in those positions either side of the space bar and to figure out unused connections in the keyboard matrix. Unknown key scan codes received by the OS are likely ignored. Or these new scan codes could be used by a programmer.

It’s easy for me (but a little late) to think of these things once the design is done and boards made. I ended up getting a 9U space bar (SA profile) from signature plastics and it looks and works well! Originally though I thought of just getting key blank plates as several manufacturers sell, and just epoxying them in at the right height.

I am working on the A600 keyboard now. It will have dual layout with stabiliser positions for 7U or 9U, but also MX positions either side of the space in case you choose 7U. Next A1200 revision will do this too.
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Old 05 November 2019, 15:31   #30
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Originally Posted by aeberbach View Post
to figure out unused connections in the keyboard matrix. Unknown key scan codes received by the OS are likely ignored.
In case of A1200 there is only one free connection in the matrix (matrix is 15 columns by 6 rows). However it seems the MPU does not generate any code for it.
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Old 18 September 2020, 19:09   #31
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Would it be possible to reuse a1200 keys by creating an adapter to go between the original keys and the new switches? Like they did on the mechboard64 project here :https://www.breadbox64.com/blog/the-mechboard64/ ?
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Old 19 September 2020, 08:10   #32
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Yes, but it will add height and be rather wobbly, as in the mechboard.

The Amiga's keyboard is much lower profile than the C64's, so the keycap bottoms might not line up with the edge of the case any more.
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Old 07 October 2020, 07:09   #33
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Wow, Signature Plastics just quoted me USD850 for a one off DCS Sublimated keycap set using my layout from here http://www.keyboard-layout-editor.co...6a28a9860ee096.

Worked out if I was to just select blank keycaps and have them printed it would cost under USD200 easy. Probably closer to USD120.

Just shot the an email response with some suggestions using alternate prebuilt sets, waiting for a reply.

Have a set of generic keycaps with support set coming from china as backup.
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