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I started with the C-64 as my first computer because it looked much better than the green screen PC's I looked at @ Radio Shack. I liked the sound output and color graphics on the Commodore 64. I was considering what to upgrade to next (Plus 4 or C-128) when I found out about the Amiga, it was not even out yet. I even bought Amiga World #1 and I was hooked. The Amiga was all I had dreamed a computer should be and I have not used my SX 64 much since. I was a 64 user for several years though. If you count the Atari 2600 or Colicovision as computers than they were my first ones.
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Used to have a C128D... When I gave it away along with my CPC6128 I moved to the ST and then to the Amiga. A few months ago, I bought a C64 with a casette player.... So, used to be and still am an 8bit Commodre user.
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well thats a great response to my first post!

it seems many of you have taken the same path! ive still got my c64 but have to admit its probably my fifth or sixth one after all the others packed up.

both great machines though.

a message to the guy who had the amstrad though - my condolences, you really missed out mate!!
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I first owned an Amiga 500 1Mb. But I frequently visited a friend to play C64. I bought my C64 and C128 much later. Unfortunately I have no space for them atm so they're in the loft, along with an Atari Mega ST 2 and the Amiga 500. I now have an Amiga 4000 and a PC in my room.
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Mr Creosote
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Before the A500, I only owned a Commodore Plus/4, but I'm the proud owner of a C64 since 1999
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Originally posted by Drake1009
Problem is that my 1541 drive seems to have somewhat died on me, that or my ram. It'll load some things like Rick dangerous but won't load a simple game like Citadel on the same disk.
It could be dirty or misaligned. Not a difficult problem to solve! I don't think RAM has anything to do with this. Ask Overdoc

Creosote: +4 rocks ;D
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I never had a C=64 but I started with a VIC20 for a couple of years, then a Sharp MZ3?? (can't remember the specific model number, it changed depending what additional hardware you had, I had the built-in plotter and tape drive - BTW it was the first home computer in the UK to have a 3½" floppy drive),and an ORIC1 for a while (worst keyboard ever) until 1st October 1985 When I got my A1000 which I used for 5 years then got a £600 trade-in deal from commodore to upgrade to a B2000 which I used for 4 years, and I will have been using my A4000 for 9 years in July
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Had a ZX81 then upgraded with 16K RAM pack (about the same size as your average packet of fags). Then paid the princly sum of £199 for a C64 the year they came out then the next year paid the same for a 1541 (about the same size as your average house). Then upgraded in 85 to ATARI520ST which I kept for about 6 Mths then purchased an Amiga 1000 which I traded in for a 500 about 6Mths l8er. Stayed true to the miggy (in fact have had 7 of them) till I purchased a PC (necassary evil) in 96

But to this day nothing compares to the beutifull sound produced by a C64
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Hooooo backwards

I had a Spectrum 48k for the longest time!!
Then I got a C128 from Woolworth.. Had that for ages.. and in `87 got my A500....
Years later I picked up a C64.. the older bubbly type.... before going on to my A1200..
I 060`d that... and in `94 sold it all for some bizarre reason
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Got a c64 for Xmass of 84 but couldn't use it because our tv didn't have UHF. Bugger, I was only 13. A few days later I stayed at a relatives house who had a UHF tv, and I was totally blown away.

Two days and nights of Tooth Invaders, Rolf Harris picture builder and other stuff then somebody (could have been me) bumped or kicked the PSU, it started smoking and the whole weekend was up the shit. Got the PSU replaced later on but had to endure about 10 weeks of not using the machine before we finally got a UHF telly. That c64 lasted until about 97 when it finally died. Found 3 working 64's in jan/feb this year. Lucky me.

Got the A500 family pack in early dec 1990. The Amiga was popular in Australia but not nearly as popular as the c64. In the old days 1 in every 10 kids at school (not kidding) owned a c64 which meant pirated games were easy to get. The Amiga just didn't have the popularity that it bloody well should have. After 2.5 years of the Amiga I sold it along with the hard drive and phillips monitor for a grand. What was I thinking?
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Hi, Jim.

I did it the same way like you. I have inherited my c64 from my brother because he lost his interest in it. I upgraded to AMIGA500(+ ?) in 1990 (?) and sold the c64. Years later I sold my AMIGA, too.
But months ago I bought two A500s and maybe I will also buy a C64 "Brotkiste" in the near future...

PS: In Germany the C64 is called "Brotkiste" = bread box
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I think the breadbox is a widely used name for the C64. At least in it's later days.

My C128 was bought about 2 months after it was launched in Denmark. First games we got for it were Gogo the ghost and Park patrol, both great games I'd love to play again on the Amiga or PC.

The C128 was one my father bought to play around with (he was the tech type always fiddling with electric stuff, I think he had 5 or 6 broken TVs in his little hobby room.

That's the same C128 we've had all the time, though I bought it off him later on. Before that I bought my own C64 but quickly learned to hate using it (probably because programming in basic is no fun when you have to go chase the enter key after ending a line)
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I never had a C64, in fact I've only ever played one once.

I originally had an Acorn Electron YEARS ago, then moved on to a BBC (micro I think), had this for years.

I then went round my uncle's one day and a brand new A500 was sitting there. It was great! I used to go round there every weekend and play on it, while I had a Megadrive at home. The A500 rocked. My uncle spent a small fortune on it when he bought it, and I never spent a single penny!

Then my brother eventually got an A1200.

Then a few years ago I realised the Amiga scene was indeed still alive and I bought an A1200T this year! hooray
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Originally posted by killergorilla
I never had a C64, in fact I've only ever played one once.
blasphemy! you sure did miss out!

Fixed quote. -Admin
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It wasn't my fault!

I was too young really. I'm only 21 now, so when it was released in 1982, I was only 1!

(That sort of makes sense, but the electron was released in 83!)

I was pretty much influenced entirely by what computer my uncle handed down to me after he'd finished with it, and he never bought a C64, so I missed out on that one.

To be honest, I think it was the appeal of the others (BBC, electron and Amiga) as computers not just games machines that got him to buy them.

But it was really the A500 that got me into games.
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Commodore SX-64, around 1984, I was about 8.
Amiga 500, around 1990.
Atari, around 1992 (cubase - midi).
Amiga 1200, around 1993.
PC, around 1995.

It is fair to say that I pretty much played (owned) every game between 1984 - 2000. On C64/Amiga/PC. Sporadically thereafter (only good games).

The nice thing is that you can emulate everything on PC now (laptop for pure nostalgia). No more diskettes, no need to go to friends or parties to swap software. PC is a true multimedia machine. =)

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