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Smile how many of you are/were commodore 64 users?


i am a new user to this board (great site by the way) and also user lemon64.com for c64 discussions. I moved onto amigas in about 1989/1990 after many years using c64 which i always found to be the natural progression. I wondered how many of you amiga users took this path as well?
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Here's one. I went straight from my C64 to my Amiga 500, only spent a few months with the C64 though... The 500 lasted about 7 very good years.
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I was sorta a C64 user seeing as how I had a C128 which was mostly used in C64 mode.

Went from that to my PC, and got an Amiga much later when I actually got some money to buy one.
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Now got GSX750F :))
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Nope, straight to A500 using WB1.2, sigh, those were the days.... when I had hair at the front
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My view is that you appreciate an amiga far more (for games anyway) if you have owned a c64 first. for me, the amiga was everything i had hoped for, better graphics, better games, better sound etc.. but I would be interested to know what people think who had an amiga as their first machine?
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I had a C64 and later on a C16, Vic 20 and a 128-D
Then an Amiga 500
Then downgraded to PC's
Now I have an average and slower PC
And [2 x Amiga 500] and [2 x Amiga CD32]

My main PC can run most emu's except for Winue and N64 which requre a better PC
Thats why I bought an xbox, I'll get a mod chip soon and a bigger hard drive later on
Mainly as an emubox!
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Now got GSX750F :))
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1st there was a PDP11 using punched cards and paper tape at the local tech, then there was a Tandy TRS80 Mk II and a Cambridge Research Machines 19" rackmount Z80 at school (80-82). Then there was the 8088 prototyping unit at college (8 switches to set the register, then a momentary switch to write to the cpu or mem...!). Then there was a C16, then an Amstrad PCW using locoscript and CP/M, and the one that changed everything for me, a Mac II which could write wysiwyg, spellcheck, print, scan and was wonderful. NB I didn't own these (the C16 was bought by mum & dad)

About the same time I heard about this great new computer called the Amiga A500 and went down to a highstreet ripoff shop and paid the full £400 for the best home computer ever. Never regreted it for an instant!

Also had (in no paticular order) VIC20, Spectum48+, 486DX2/50/16MB, P133/32MB, Cyrix MII 333/32MB, P400/32MB, AMD Tb800/64MB, Tb1200/256MB, XP1800/GF3/256MB/RAID, most of which Ive still got

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Now got GSX750F :))
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Cann't tell I'm a sad techy geek can you! I did the list from memory and had no problems with any of it - trouble remembering WHERE I used 'em, but no probs with the spec...
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I had a C64, then a C64C (old one died) when I was in high school during the early 80's, sold it around 1990 to buy my first 286 PC.

I currently have a c64c, and c128 in my computer collection along with 1541 and 1571 drives and one of those c64 to pc cables so I can turn images into real 5.225 floppies
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Commodore 8-bit user since 1989 (got a commodore 128!), Commodore 64 owner since 2001 ;D

I still use the buggers, of course.
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Old 10 April 2003, 21:26   #11
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I'd like to still use my C128 but I've simply got no room to set it up on. Not a monitor for it.

Last time I tried it it booted up fine after realising that the reason we never used that video output port was because it was knackered.

Problem is that my 1541 drive seems to have somewhat died on me, that or my ram. It'll load some things like Rick dangerous but won't load a simple game like Citadel on the same disk.
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hell yes!!!

c64 user 1984-1990
amiga user 1990-1996

Still have all my computers and peripherals and more coming all the time..

Currently i have two C64C's, one C64, three A500's, one A2000, one CD32 and a whole heap of gadgets for all of them..

oh.. also have one self-modified C= 1084S monitor and Philips 8833-II to hook 'em into

and constantly looking for more gear
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Old 10 April 2003, 22:18   #13
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I am allways adding items to my collection, like the cable for my c128 that does 80 column mode on my 1084 monitor.

I want a 1581 3.5" disk drive but they cost too much.

I should probably get another 1571 drive.
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Old 10 April 2003, 22:29   #14
The Sacred Armour Of
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Hehe, not me....was a proud owner of the C64's nemesis: an Amstrad CPC464 and then an Amiga 1200!
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My first experience of home gaming came via an Atari 2600, but i kinda got into AD&D...

...then one of my best mates got a C64 for X-mas, on Boxing day i went around his house, and played galdregon's domain and batman the caped crusader...

... i then saved like hell to buy own C64, the first game i bought was Airwolf 2, which was really hard, the following week i bought Rainbow Islands...

about a year and a half later i traded in my C64 (and a few shed loads of games) and got an Amiga 500 (Screen Gems Pack)...

although the C64 was overshaddowed by the Amiga, i still have fond memories of the 64...

the Wizball theme tune on the 64, is soooo much better than the Amiga version!!!
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Old 10 April 2003, 23:16   #16
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Hehe, opfcourse I also took this 'career'
But with the little but very important difference that I didn't sell my C64 when I bought the Amiga
Got my C64 at X-mas '84 with datasette only. About 2 years later 'upgraded' to a 1541.
In '90 I saved all my money from birthday and gave it back to my parents to make it possible for them to buy me an A-500 for X-mas
From then on I used both machines, but on the Amiga I almost only played games while on the C64 I had already learned little bit machine code. Since I didn't want to learn a new machine language again, I still did some cracking and hacking on the C64 and never really got into Amiga programming
But I'm very glad I still have my first C64 and Amiga-500, and also use them up to this day ! They haven't ever let me down !
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Old 10 April 2003, 23:28   #17
Into the Wonderful

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C64 - 1985 til present
Amiga - 1990 til present

Both are the greatest games machines I ever owned.
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Still using my 64, though it's not the same one that I got in 1989. I simply adore these Commodore machines from the 80's.
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Old 11 April 2003, 03:47   #19
Give up the ghost
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The Amiga was, more or less, my first computer. Somewhere in the mid to late 80's, my mom ended up taking home some behemoth Tandy computer system from work (given to her when the company folded) that was pure ASCII and used 8" disks! I played with it and became comfortable with understanding how to create entries in its database, loading/storing files, etc. So later that year, my sister replaced that monstrosity with an IBM XT (amber monochrome!) that I eventually upgraded to a Hercules card. It was then that I realized I could not play the CGA game of Wheel of Fortune that I wasted $15 on, so I just used it for MS Word and my classes in dBase III.

Then I started my video production business where we used character generators for titling. It cost $2000, had a limit of 2 fonts and 3 sizes, only stored its pages to temporary memory, was sluggish & buggy & hard to use, and each new font cartridge cost $100 (no mixing of fonts). So you can imagine the cost of upgrading to the industry standard Chyron system.

We got a demo tape for the A500 after sending in a postcard from some magazine and were blown away. We never believed such a beast could exist - much less for the mere under-$1000 pricetag it boasted, but figured if it would only do what our existing character generator did, then we could sell that and save hundreds of dollars in the exchange.

Were we ever in for a rude awakening! Then and only then did I become an official computer geek. Each passing day saw me becoming more engrossed and consumed by this wonderbox. In the process, I became educated on other computers and to this day I'm still underwhelmed by the competition. Of course I bought my own collection of Amigas, so in effect, it's my first computer. I ended up snaking that old XT from my mom and used it to host my Amiga BBS for years.
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Tim Janssen
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Big grin The Commodore way...

In 1987 I started with a second-hand Commodore Vic-20, during Summer 1989 I bought a second-hand C64 for 45 Euro from an uncle of mine. Two weeks later its internal circuits were blown up (don't know exactly why) with only the power-button and keyboard remaining intact. Three months later I bought a new C64 which I owned until summer 1991. Then I bought my Amiga 500 which I enjoyed until 1995 when the PC began to occupy most of my time.

The strange thing is I always preferred games of machines I did not own anymore. On C64 I desperately tried to find games that also appeared on Vic-20 like Fast Eddie, Pacman and Choplifter. On Amiga I bought a C64-emulator only to play classics like Impossible Mission, Boulderdash and Rambo 2 at a snail speed. Now I own a PC I try to collect anything from Amiga.
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