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Old 06 April 2003, 20:01   #1
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WinUAE and DirOpus 4.11 probs!

I got a Problem with Directory opus 4.11.

The problem is that whem i'm trying to go into the configure the whole emulator dies!

I have tried to reach it in native amiga screenresolutions as well as in p96 resolutions. Nothing helps, uae simply shuts down!

Some info on the system:
Kickrom 40.63
AmigaOS 3.9
Directory opus 4.11
WinUAE 0.8.22 Release 5

Ïf there are any friendly souls out there that has a hint about the problem please let me know as this is a huge problem for me!
Old 10 April 2003, 13:01   #2
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do you have any clue what this problem can be? i think i have tested everything. this is limiting my use of UAE alot. pleeease help me!
Old 10 April 2003, 14:26   #3
Toni Wilen
WinUAE developer
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Here are some suggestions:

1: enable logging (misc tab) and check winuaelog.txt after the crash
2: run in windowed mode (you should see the error message instead of automatic shutdown)
3: delete all monitor drivers from devs:monitors except PAL, NTSC and uaegfx
4: disable Picasso96 (set RTG memory to zero)
5: disable JIT
6: start without startup-sequence/without setpatch
7: delete old DOpus config files
8: Hacked MUI installed? I have heard there is "optimized" MUI package that isn't compatible with JIT, fix: install official MUI.
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Old 11 April 2003, 11:35   #4
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Thank you very much for the tips toni!
It cant be mui because i havent got this far in the installation of my programs. I will go and try the other stuff now.

Thanks again Toni!!!!
Old 11 April 2003, 12:28   #5
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i have tested some of the tips now. It worked disabling RTG. But do you think there can be a better solution to my problem? Or will this perhaps be solved in a future version of UAE?

Thanks for the best pc program ever!!
Old 11 April 2003, 15:52   #6
Now got GSX750F :))
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I'm using same ROM's, same UAE, OS3.9 BB2, and Dopus 4.11 - I've got JIT and RTG enabled - full JIT and 16Mb RTG, Dopus config runs just fine - spent half an hour playing with the settings last night, saving repeatedly.

The version of MUI I'm using is from a cover CD, so Toni could be right about the hacked version, I'd double check it and delete/reinstall if there's any doubt. If disabling RTG fixes it, then it could be a screen call, which makes MUI the susspect...
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Old 12 April 2003, 00:48   #7
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really strange that we are using the same stuff but i get uae crashes. when i try to run PAL screen then the amiga hangs when trying to accessing configuration.

Well, i got a couple of hours to kill now so i gonna sit here and try to solve my problem. it could also be a program that i've installed. i havent installed that much stuff so it would be pretty easy to locate it.
Old 12 April 2003, 06:56   #8
Give up the ghost
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Originally posted by devilstar
really strange that we are using the same stuff but i get uae crashes. when i try to run PAL screen then the amiga hangs when trying to accessing configuration.
Interesting that you mention this...I have (on my real A2000) DOpus 4.12 and my motherboard has been hardware hacked to PAL. When I try to access the Configuation in Opus, it allows me to do so -- but only the first time (in a boot session). If I try it again, I think the computer crashes (I haven't tried this in years, as I have Opus the way I like it). Also, my monitor died and I had to replace it with a different one that needs adjusting to display the full PAL height, so I just changed over to NTSC in Workbench until I get around to it. When I get home, I'll try editing my Config from NTSC and see if I have problems. The results should be interesting.
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Old 12 April 2003, 15:24   #9
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Yes. an interesting bug . if i dont remember this wrong i could also go into the configuration the first time.

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