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Extra Info View/Set - Am I missing something?

I'm not sure if this is a WinUAE problem or if I'm simply misunderstanding what the Extra Info View and Set buttons on the configuration tab are intended to be used for, but in either case I have yet to figure out any real use for them.

What I thought that these buttons did was to allow you to tie a link to a document to each config file that might be used for documentation, etc. and then allow you to view the document after loading the config file. Since I have TONS of configs for different games, I personally think that sort of a feature would be quite useful, since I tend to forget what keys do what for various games.

When I start WinUAE, the view button is always disabled, but if I use the set button to point to a file then it becomes enabled. At that point, pressing it causes the file to be opened with the appropriate program based on the file type - so far, so good. If I do this after loading a config file and save the config afterward though, the link to the file doesn't get saved in the config (or anywhere else as near as I can tell). So the next time I load up WinUAE, the view button is disabled once more, and neither loading a config file or anything else I've found to do will enable it again except for using the set button again to point to a file on disk. Am I missing something, or is this just broken?

On a completely different subject, I've noticed that the title screen for "Batman the Caped Crusader" has badly garbled graphics in all releases after 8.17, though once you get past the title screen everything works fine. Since nobody else seemed to be complaining about it I thought it might be a configuration problem on my part, but nothing I've tried fixes it. Any ideas?
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