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Old 27 February 2003, 08:29   #21
Mr Softy
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Lemmings: I was some days ago in a parking lot, and I don't know why but I started whistling some Lemmings tunes. Especially the classic music remix of the first level (I think it is Mozart).
I find myself occasionnaly humming or whistling the ingame music of two pinball fantasies (or is it illusions?) tables: Stone n' Bones and Party Land. (great stuff)
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Old 27 February 2003, 13:35   #22
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I spent years humming a tune from a very old coverdisk (cu or format), think it was called 'pipes.exe' and piano plinker from way back in the 80's

guitar slinger is also one of my favourites
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Old 28 February 2003, 19:09   #23
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Cannon Fodder music rocks (inter level 'guitar' stuff especially!)

Phenomona Enigma was just so cool.

Ain't it sad that we still remember them after all this time?
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Old 01 March 2003, 00:19   #24
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Originally posted by IanS
Ain't it sad that we still remember them after all this time?
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Old 03 March 2003, 21:54   #25
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I'm always humming Aqua's "Turn Back Time" and every time I do it always reminds me of Amiga music.

Does anyone else think this sounds like an Amiga tune?
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Old 03 March 2003, 23:02   #26
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The intro of Lemmings 2 : The Tribes.
And a christmas song of X-mas lemmings
And a little bit of prince of persia
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Old 03 March 2003, 23:16   #27
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I hum a lot of tunes occationally and I have no chance of getting remembrance of all of them.

Let's see. Rainbow islands, Bubble bobble, Impossamole (ok so that's the C64 version but it was released on Amiga and I found that once you get an emulator working properly with it the music isn't quite that bad once it gets into it). Turrican 2 and 3 theme, Naughty ones, Pushover status screen music, giana sisters, overdrive.

BTW could anyone tell me the name of the game, I think the title music went a bit like mm-bab mm-bab mm-bab mm-bab mm-bab mm-bab mm-bab mm-bab mm-bab mm-bab mm-bab mm-bab mm-bab mm-bab mm-bab mm-bab ding ding dingdingding ding ding ding diing ding dong ding ding ding dong
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Old 05 March 2003, 21:15   #28
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Is it just me...

... or does the first few bars of the Sports Lemmings levels (Lems 2) sound an awful lot like that Kylie Minogue song?

But anyway, for sheer "irritate the people next to you on the bus" I find the Spy Vs Spy tune the most hummable. Dan dan da da da DA dan da DAN DAN DA DA... it's great!
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Old 05 March 2003, 21:18   #29
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Hmmm, I'm not humming amiga songs but my handy does :-). Monkey Island for my g/f and Outrun for everyone else.
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Old 05 March 2003, 22:51   #30
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Originally posted by Dastardly
They ARE actually my favourites How did you know?

Meh. A lucky guess one would proclaim.
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