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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Actually, incompatibility problems occurred when people shut off the OS and made their own routines that didn't work on other hardware/ROM configs. You know well, you have fixed many such games.
Not quite.

What you have to remember is to many games developers, the Amiga as far as they were concerned was a 68000 based A500, with no consideration for what the Amiga *might* change into in the future, like the Spectrum and C64 before it, there was no thought to the Amiga developing further, hence processor timed loaders and stuff like missing blitter waits.

for software companies, there was no consideration whatsoever for big box Amigas, because they simply didn't generate profit for them.

Problems only really occurred with the A1200 which was well into the life of the Amiga series.

I can assure you though, if the likes of Turrican et all were fully system compliant, people would bitch about how shit the Amiga was.
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Making a game for a baseline 1 MB A500 or a baseline 2 MB A1200 wouldn't make much difference. The number of active Amiga users is so small that there are enough A1200s for everyone.

People who bought an A500 threw them away twenty years ago or put them into storage where the battery destroyed their memory expansion. They've lost their RF modulator, lost their PSU and their joystick is broken. They will not buy your game anyway.
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Originally Posted by donnie View Post
People might not admit it. But one of the big motivators in life is admiration and appreciation from others.

when you have hundreds of people buying your game, thousands of people playing, writing talking, posting, liking, about your game...then you want to make more. Other people take notice and want to do the same.. it all ends up as an a positive feedback loop.
That's so true!
And this is why any support given to all active projects is so important! Has the potencial to work cumulatively and push the whole game development on the platform forward (also true for harware/other software projects of course).
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Wolf-bear thing
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I don't think a flick-screen C64-style game should require any extra RAM really. You can always load and decrunch data on the fly anyways. Also, as mentioned before, PHX's module player is great because it can dynamically allocate channels for sound effects as required.

I'm up for writing music and/or some GUI tools if required. I made Solomon's Key 2 Amiga conversion and the soundtracks for Legend of Kalevala and ButaVX: Justice Fighter.
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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
I can assure you though, if the likes of Turrican et all were fully system compliant, people would bitch about how shit the Amiga was.
Oh, I didn't mean "make games system compliant", but I remember all the bitching from Commodore about "following guidelines" that they came up with when the A500+/A600/A1200 came out, and how the mags repeat it like parrots.

What matters is what you said: that programmers didn't consider the varying hardware when making things work.
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