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Glen M
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WinUAE and hard disks

Firstly I admit it was going on 1am last night when I finally turned the power off and went to bed as this is driving me nuts.

Long story short I'm trying to setup an 80gb hdd for use in my 1200. Following on from a previous post were I had problems with PFS3 I decided last night to start again but one thing is bugging me and I think it might be the root of my problem.

The hdtoolbox be that 3.1 or 3.9 will NOT see any drives unless I select UAE as the controller option in the WinUAE hard drives dialogue. I understand the proper selection should be IDE 600/1200/4000 but if I select this and mount the drive it is never found in hdtoolbox. In hdtoolbox there are 2 options uaehf and uaescsi. UAEHF shows the drive when I set the controller to UAE. UAESCSI only shows my computers dvd drive.

I can't help but think this hurdle is one of the reasons I'm struggling to get the large drive working properly and I also can't help but think its something so simple that I'm missing.

Why will hdtoolbox not see the drive when I select IDE as the controller????????????

For information....
I setup a 500mb hardfile
installed 3.1
installed 3.9
installed boing bag updates 1 and 2
installed pfs3
installed scsi.device 44.2 and modified startup with loadmodule command

At this point that I connect the IDE drive and try to partition it but as per above its only visible in HDtoolbox using the uae controller option.

I went ahead anyway and setup using the UAE controller and partitioned the drive with a 2gb DH0 then DH1/DH2 are using the rest. WinUAE boots the drive and all seems fine but will this work in the 1200?

I suppose I'm looking some comfort before I spend a few hours tonight copying whdload files and various other things.
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If you use IDE 600/1200/4000, HDToolBox would use scsi.device.

I've done this numerous times, setting up large drives (250 GB) and CF Cards for both my A4000D and A4000T. WinUAE makes it extremely easy as I can use a fully patched scsi.device and latest HDToolBox to properly see/partition the drive. I use an already configured/running WinUAE configuration and add the new drive to it. Once it's partitioned and ready I'll create a new WinUAE config for the hardware I'm going to be using (emulating my A4000D or my A4000T) and install to the hard drive. I typically just setup the first partition at around 3.9 GB for boot and then install OS and patches and then move it over to an actual physical system and setup the rest of the partitions.

You may have to edit the HDToolBox tooltype to be Device=scsi.device when you setup the config as IDE A600/A1200/A4000.
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Glen M
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scsi.device doesn't show in HDtoolbox. If I check the tooltype it is device=scsi.device hence my confusion. I will check this again tonight to be sure. I'm using the latest version of WinUAE too, downloaded last night just to be sure.
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Toni Wilen
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Most common problem is wrong mainboard emulation.

Make sure you emulate full A600/A1200/A4000 mainboard = Chipset panel chipset extra must match selected hardware (not generic) and KS ROM must match selected hardware.
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Glen M
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Toni, spot on mate that fixed it. Thanks for the help.
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