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Protracker Config editor & other tools

(Mods - please move this if it's in the wrong place! Amiga Scene seemed most appropriate, but I could be wrong...)

Just letting people know about a few Protracker utilities I made over the past two weeks. They might be of interest to, like, only a couple of people in the world...but I made them for myself, so if they're useful to anyone else that's a bonus!

PT.Config-XX editor/generator

- edit a Protracker config file (or create one from the default template). Started as a palette editor, then became a palette and VU/Analyser colour editor, then I thought I might as well open up all the other options. Including a bunch that I never understood (and still don't), and some that don't seem to do anything. Handy if you want to tweak options in 8bitbubsy's PT2.3D clone for PC/Mac/Linux, which can read PT.Configs as well as its own protracker.ini but has no Setup screen - and 8bitbubsy has said he won't implement it. Which is fair enough, because it's a load of hassle for very little return. ini and config files need to go in ~/.protracker/ for the clone to read them.Tested in the clone, as well as 2.3D and 2.3E (8bitbubsy's recent update, full of lovely fixes) on Amiga hardware and WinUAE.

Protracker 2.x font

- I wanted ptconfig to have a live preview of palette tweaks, so I made a TTF from the font as it appears in 8bitbubsy's clone source, which in turn is from the PT2.3D asm source. Also added a few more useful characters ("", ', `) and made it monospace, so it might be useful for other stuff.

Protracker 2.3D clone (syphus' fork)

- I forked 8bitbubsy's source for the clone and fixed a bug that was stopping it from handling PT.Configs properly (he's now fixed it on his SVN), and I've detailed the procedure for changing the About screen graphics. If you want to do that. I did. Because I wanted to. For some reason.


- this is a desktop app for prepping 8bit samples to use in Protracker on Amiga hardware/emulator. Quite handy for some other stuff, like older samplers etc. It's an Electron app, so it's enormous (100MB+) as it's got a Chrome engine wrapped up in it, but it does some handy things. Basically a big GUI wrapper for SoX.

Hope these are of some use/interest to somebody out there!


syphus / Up Rough
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Awesome stuff! good work
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Thanks rave!
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