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Cannot for the life of me to get my controls working

I'm new to WinUAE. I've figured out how to get games running with the correct rom (1.3), loading the floppy, etc. What am I missing with controls? I go to "Gameports", select either preset control (WinAUE keyboard) or custom with mapped controls . . Select "Joystick" from the dropdown, and I launch the game. Nothing works. Numpad seems to work for moving around, but that's it.

No matter what I select, nothing works. I tried mapping to a joystick even, and still nothing.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT - I should also add that these mapped controls work in the GUI with "Test", but do not work with the game. The game is Fright Night, FYI
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Mouse should be in virtual port 1, joystick in port 2.
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Heya Guywiththegun,

Welcome to EAB

Firstly what type of joystick do you have connected and secondly can you see / use this device in Windows?

Doing this from memory as at work so... Next in the "Game Ports" area you should click the drop-down list and see your joystick. Select "Port 2" and for this and that should be all.

Regarding using the Keyboard Layout A & B; these are the assigned keys:

Keyboard Layout A:
Up = <numeric keypad up>
Down = <numeric keypad down>
Left = <numeric keypad left>
Right = <numeric keypad right>
Button 1 = <numeric 5>
Button 2 = <numeric 0>

Keyboard Layout B:
Up = <up>
Down = <down>
Left = <left>
Right = <right>
Button 1 = <right CTRL>
Button 2 = <right Shift>
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Ahh it was the Port 2 thing. I figured Port 1 would be "Player 1" . . Thanks for the help. I knew it had to be something I was missing.
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Have fun
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The Amiga has always had mouse in Port 1, and joystick in port 2. Tons of games used one or the other, some even used both at the same time, like Psygnosis' Walker.

Also for a default configuration, I think Keyboard Layout B is better, but you can easily "Remap / Test" Port 2 for your ideal configuration. I personally like the arrow keys, but Left Ctrl as opposed to Right Ctrl/Alt.
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