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CF Card

Hello folks.
Can someone please tell me how to format a 8GB CF card? (WinUAE)
Thank you
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Sure... Or whatever size CF.. I use 4GB and 32GB because of a lot of data and different configurations.

When you first get the CF use Windows or Mac to Delete/Remove the FAT32 partition. Otherwise if you go to WinUAE right way this can cause challenges! You probably are using Windows. I use Windows 7 because Windows 10 is really ugly and not fun to move around. So, Windows Disk Management, find the CF you've connected to your computer. Delete the Partition (Right click on the Partition). I assume you're using Windows as the Administrator. Otherwise you won't have access to that.

Once the partition is deleted/removed, now exit the Management and run WinUAE in Admin mode otherwise you'll get a clear list of ACCESS DENIED. Haha. So, right click in WinUAE's Icon, where you have that at. Select "Run as Administrator".

I'm only helping with formatting here, not how to setup WinUAE. In Hardware go to "CD & Hard Drives", Press (not HIT) left mouse and allow WinUAE to check for Hardware. Locate it in the list, and note that you WON'T see an "RDB" yet. Once selected, some CF or SD Card devices have an access light indicating selection. Anyway, that's not needed. So, pick the device with the CF (or SC Card). Now, boot into AmigaOS's Workbench.

I hope you're using OS3.5 or 3.9 (perhaps with Boing Bag 1 to 4.) as it's a lot easier since they have updated HDTools. Now, using HDTools disable a ToolType that has "scsi.device" in it. Don't delete it, put () around it. Now add the ToolType ASKDEVICE. Now save.

Run HDTools and it should automatically find the device. Select and start Partitioning. Make sure Max Transfer looks close to 0x00F1E00. Now pick your File System.

Note that FFS and SFS do support large hard drives BUT they don't see beyond 4GB without Setpatch being used. That means, you could setup multiple OS Partitions like I have but keep them all within 4GB. After SetPatch is run from the script (like Startup-Sequence) then ALL other partitions will be accessible after the first run of SetPatch. So, if you put an OS at the end of a large CF, like...OS 4.1, it won't be recognized my the Amiga unless SetPatch is run.

Once you're done with HDToolsBox or HDTools, save the RDB and if you did everything well, you'll be able to format your new partition(s) after a reset. Next time you run WinUAE and want to select it, if you didn't save a Config, you'll notice the RDB info is there. Your real Amiga is also now ready to use it.

By the way...You don't have to delete the FAT32 if you're using a real Amiga. It'll notice it as just storage that doesn't have a valid RDB and write over it.
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You don't need OS 3.5 or 3.9 to use an 8GB card.
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And you don't need WinUAE either.
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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
You don't need OS 3.5 or 3.9 to use an 8GB card.
Right, 3.1 will work well enough. But prep is much nicer with 3.5/3.9.

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
And you don't need WinUAE either.
Right, I touched on that in my reply. :-)

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