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Vsync trouble

I've always been using 720x576x16 @ 50 hz with no real problems - except that I get a helluva lot of flicker with my monitor. So I thought I would give the same res @ 100hz a go...
Seems to work fine...lovely refresh with no flicker etc...although not quite as smooth as 50hz. I figured maybe this could be resolved by enabling VSync - and here's where the problem is. I can't seem to enable it at all with this resolution, or any other at any refresh rate..(50/100).. If I go into the config whilst winuae is running then this is the ONLY time I can turn VSync on...but when I click 'ok' it just crashes back to desktop. Please help as I feel I'm one click away from lovely smooth scrolling @ 100hz
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Here's a little secret tip i figured out.
Once you start the emulation and hit F12 you can enable Vsync, once enabled re-save your config. next time you start up the emulation it will select Vsync for you automatically (the gui will not show it selected until emulation starts...and also if you click to the Display tab before you start the emulation it will not work...it's very strange but try it.)

All my configs auto select Vsync.
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Assuming that monitor isn't multiscan, 50hz wouldn't be doing it any favours anyway, healthwise.

Might be worth trying a 60hz display with and NTSC Workbench, although I'm sure the timing in PAL wouldn't be noticably worse. The emulator isn't exactly smooth compared to a real Amiga in the first place
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Old 11 February 2003, 11:34   #4
Toni Wilen
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Vermillion: What is your display card's and monitor's model and manufucturer? Operating system? It seems most (all?) display drivers support DirectDraw refresh rate selection only in W2K and XP.

The emulator isn't exactly smooth compared to a real Amiga in the first place
Fast PC and 50/100Hz Vsync = very smooth screen updates.
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How fast a PC? My Athlon Thunderbird 1400mhz can't manage things smoothly

I'm getting something a bit faster this week though (XP 2100+) primarily for video compression, so maybe things in the emulator will improve too
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Old 11 February 2003, 13:48   #6
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ADI 19" E66 Microscan, Asus gf2 GTS 32MB, XP pro, Athlon 1.33.
I'm using the nvidia detonator driver v41.09, although i did roll back to a prev version which had no effect

Bootay: Thanks for your tip but winuae crashed apon loading the config. Nice idea though

Thanks evryone for the replies
Old 11 February 2003, 18:35   #7
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Crashed eh? I have a Viewsonic A70 and my config is set to 1024x768 50hz Vsync and everything is good aside from one thing. I have my Workbench Hi-Res Interlaced and whenever I open an App or ..ANYTHING thats not interlaced the workbench screen gets these funky lines everywhere that will go away as I move the mouse over them....its odd.
So I am currently trying to figure out that little annoying problem.

Why dont you post your config and ill look at it..it may be a different problem in the config causing the crash.
Old 12 February 2003, 05:27   #8
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I think the prob your referring to is normal and you'll find that any laced mode will suffer the same symptoms. I remember toni talking about having to 'implement a de-interlace algorythm'
There's never been any probs with the config I'm using until I changed from 50 to 100hz and tried to enable vsync.. so it's fairly safe to say that the 'vsync' switch is causing the crash
I have also tried starting a new config a few times.. but I still can't select vsync when I should be able to - so it's definately not related to the config. Aaaarrggh
Old 12 February 2003, 23:43   #9
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Ok. Just a thought.

As for the laced thing, cool, cant wait till its implemented. I hate the nasty lines. although it only does it when I close out of an app that isnt laced. most are. or can be switched to use it. Thanks.
Old 14 February 2003, 06:07   #10
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I can't wait for it either!
Especially for pinball illusions and slam tilt

I'm not 100% sure that this is the exact prob you're referring to though. Hehe, maybe Toni can confirm this when he helps with my vsync prob. I'll be his best friend if he does
* hint, hint

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