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Track2File need help

Hallo, i find software to ripping files from ADF NDOS files like in the subject "Track2File" but don`t know how to operate it. I will describe the example of what I did. I add that I used it in WinUAE. First i mount in WinUae floppy disk file Lotus 2.adfin DF1:, after that i run the Track2File and click "Disk Read"

Then i click Search, software ask where i want save the file i choose and this is result(sorry about screenshot something save wrong)

Next screenshot is my preferences.

Here files saved by Track2file.

And here my questions:
1.For example file Lotus 2.adf.001, whether it is an image file, sound may be some other, as it to distinguish, may hex editor are any tips or other text software?
2. Is everything in the preferences I set well, which is a converter and must use "Normal" maybe other. What which other settings is good like in my screenshot?

For help thank you in advance.

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A hex editor might very well give you some hints on what the format is. Usually you will find some identifiers at the beginning, like 'ILBM' for pictures. In Windows, I like to use HxD as the editor.
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I use HxD, too.

Also use WinVi. It's text/HEX editor.
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On Amiga OS there's the excellent Editor Hex "Filex" or good old "Azap".

@ tooki41
The screenhot It has a too large resolution and you can not read well the discussion, thank you
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You did everything fine. Now it is your job to figure which file contains what. Like others said ILBM header may suggest that the file is IFF picture. I can add that searching for strings like M.K will assure you that the file is a Protracker module. However some music files might be in different format. EaglePlayer will come in handy to recognise them. After couple of different atempts with different games you srart recognising sound files, music files or executable files just by looking at them. Remember also that some files may be hidden inside others or they can be packed inside others. You may need to investigate such files further with tools from XAD package.
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Thank you guys for your help, I was able to just rip my first music using Pro-Wizard 2.20 and play it with a windows program ModPlug Player, and fun as 20 years ago when I had an Amiga 500 . I know if I am a complete layman, but I see that your forum is the many helpful topics and users knowledge a lot and they help others. Once again, thanks for the information for sure'll try programs that you recommend.


@ mailman
Your post is very helpful

sorry about screenshot resolution, next time i change it for smaller
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A bit late, but i would also recommend
Both requires xfd, xfr packages installed for best results, if so, both can recognize pictures, anims, musics inside packed files!
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