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Amiga Development on AmigaOS 3.1...

I am looking to get into C development on my newly acquired Amiga 1200 running Workbench 3.1. I am not new to C, just new to C on the Amiga.

My understanding is the Amiga Developer's CD version 1.2 was the last version for Workbench 3.1. I know there are later versions but they support Amiga OS 3.5 and 3.9. I know it is also backward's compatible but I was really hoping for this version. I have seen 1.1 and 2.1 but I would love to get my hands on 1.2. I am a purest at heart perhaps lol! I saw the NDK for 3.9 was downloadable but there will be libraries that aren't supported in 3.1 in there. Any help?

Is Dice my best option for a C compiler on the 1200? I know there is also SAS/C. Lattice looks to be what Commodore adopted as their C compiler. I am focused on performance. I know I will have to mix some assembler in but I wanted to see how far I could go with C and the right compiler for a 1200's speed.

I will likely cross compile and use VBCC but I would love to be patient do some early learning on a 1200's compiler. I have also read horror stories on the performance of vbcc on a 68020 so I wanted to compare.
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3.9 NDK is fine for targeting older OS versions. Just don't call the newer routines. You might want to track down the developers CD for documentation etc but there is lots of good material on Aminet.

Dice is ancient. I used to use it on my unexpanded A500 (well, it had a hard disk).

GCC is another option but it can be tricky to use unless you are familiar with it. It can be used as a cross compiler also. The older version 2.95 is the most Amiga friendly but there are people working on v6.2. See https://github.com/cahirwpz/amigaos-cross-toolchain

VBCC is probably the best choice.
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SAS/C is the newer version of Lattice C and my recommendation.
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Another thing is that SAS/C is very 'Amiga Style' which might add some amusement/fun/wait-this-was-really-a-bad-idea-and-i-see-why-this-never-caught-on.
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