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mapping 2 players on same keyboard

Hi, I followed all the tutorials i found to map 2 players on the same keyboard (aswd and arrows).

I wrote the following config file to achieve that without any acceptable results:

# FS-UAE configuration saved by FS-UAE Launcher
# Last saved: 2016-12-16 11:40:11

floppy_drive_0 = Golden Axe.adf

joystick_port_0_mode = joystick
keyboard_key_left = action_joy_0_arrow_left
keyboard_key_right = action_joy_0_arrow_right
keyboard_key_up = action_joy_0_arrow_up
keyboard_key_down = action_joy_0_arrow_down
keyboard_key_alt = action_joy_0_fire_button
keyboard_key_rshift = action_joy_0_2nd_button

joystick_port_1 = Keyboard
joystick_port_1_mode = joystick
keyboard_key_s = action_joy_1_down
keyboard_key_a = action_joy_1_left
keyboard_key_d = action_joy_1_right
keyboard_key_w = action_joy_1_up
keyboard_key_c = action_joy_1_fire_button
keyboard_key_v = action_joy_1_2nd_button

briefly after I start the game a text appears on the bottom right of the emulator window, saying "port 0 switched to mouse mode". Accordingly I see that one player is controlled by the keyboard (both aswd and arrows) and the other is controlled by the mouse.

What am I doing wrong? Can you provide a working config file (that would be soooo good)?.

Thank you!

Macbook pro 2011.
OS 10.10.
fs-uae version 2.8.2.

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Hi, the autoswitching to mouse should ideally work fine, but if you get a lot of spurious mouse movements for some reason, it could maybe cause issues. You can disable that with:

joystick_port_0_autoswitch = 0
But you also have a few errors in your config, for example
should be
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Please also note that you can encounter issues when trying two-player via the same keyboard. Many keyboards only supports X number of keys being pressed simultaneously (X could even depend on exactly what key combinations are pressed), so it is possible that some key presses will not be triggered correctly. Using at least one real gamepad/joystick is highly recommended to avoid this (and this is also the reason why FS-UAE does not include support for "Keyboard 2").
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Ah! now it does not switch anymore and I can control the two players with the desired combinations. I still have some problems with the fire buttons, which are still controlled by the mouse. I ll try to solve that, but I wanted to thank you first for your help.
Is there a list of commands that i can use as reference? I wouldn´t have been able to find the autoswitch command by myself.

Regarding the joysticks, I bought two hoping to solve the keyboard problems, but they give me even more problems, so I decided to solve the keyboard mapping first, and then try the joystick mapping.

Thank you for your help Mr. FS!

edit: so, the mouse click override my command because "keyboard_key_alt" is not a command. I switched to keyboard_key_m and now it works like a charm.
I still have no idea how to activate the secondary buttons. I dream of a list of commands to write on the config files. the input page is a good start but the autoswitch command is not there.

Command list or not, I am very grateful and I will donate asap.

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FS-UAE Developer

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Hi, the correct option name is keyboard_key_lalt (for left alt). See https://fs-uae.net/input-mapping for all names. Available actions are listed here: http://fs-uae.net/input-actions

You can find more information about options not listed in the Launcher UI here:

(But I should add joystick_port_0_autoswitch to Launcher Settings -> Mouse actually).

I assume you also wrote this comment: https://fs-uae.net/keyboard-input/co...comment-940104. My relevant reply there were: "Regarding the joystick(s), have you tried running the gamepad button mapping tool in FS-UAE Launcher Settings? Go to Joysticks & Gamepads and doubleclick on your device to map the buttons. Map the movement to the d-pad, the one you want as fire button as “south button”, and secondary fire as “west button”."
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