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I posted this as part of another thread but thought it was worth mentioning in its own right.

You might be aware of this site, which won't load on an A500: https://asciipr0n.com (Thanks to @locutus for alerting me to it.)

The challenge I set myself was to load it on the A500+ via my AWeb / Plipbox setup. This was impossible because the site uses https and the A500 can't do modern encryption well if it all.

One workaround was to use a proxy that converts https and presents it as http, but this was a little clunky due to the proxy site header.

So I persuaded the owner of asciipr0n to make an unencrypted version that works natively on the A500: http://cleartext.asciipr0n.com Kudos to the webmaster!

Technically therefore I think I won my self set challenge. 😉


Happy hacking!

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