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Heart of Darkness - Amiga port possible?

Seeing as Another World was on the Amiga, Heart of the Alien was ported over from the SEGA CD, do you think it's possible the same can be done with Heart of Darkness, which was on the PS2 and PC?

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I would hazard a guess at highly unlikely, Another World was designed on the Amiga, the sequel for whatever reason (money for exclusive maybe) was only released on the Mega CD but still ran on the same game engine.
Heart Of Darkness is a totally different game engine, requiring much more horse power with more advanced gfx, looking it up it was originally started in 1992 due on the PC, 3DO, then moving to Saturn, before finally being released on PS1 and PC in 1998, maybe originally in 1992 the engine may have been doable, but i imagine as more input and designers got involved the project moved on alot from Eric's original work.
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Ah that's a shame
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First news about Heart of the Alien for Amiga was confusing to me as I thought it was about Heart of Darkness.
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