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You have to type kk to load the game.

I don't think the disk I dumped has been written to since it was new. But I bought it used so can't be certain. Here's the same disk dumped in a Teac FD-235HF drive:
I think both dumps are good. They look pretty weird in HxCFloppyEmulator's disk view, but I could use disk-analyse to create identical IPFs (apart from the embedded date/time) from each.
I have another copy of Karate Kid II that I have owned from new. It came with my A500 a looong time ago. I'm pretty certain that disk was never written to. I don't have access to it right now, but I did create an MFMWarp dump of it several years ago. If anyone is curious (we're getting a bit off-topic here), I have uploaded the MFMWarp image of that to
Just to reiterate: the MFMWarp image was created from a different original disk to the .scp dumps. You can use MFMWarp to check the track lengths:
MFMWarp VIEWF "Karate Kid Part II.MFM"
(Notice they're different to the track lengths of the .scp dumps.)
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Are you using a disk head cleaner disk w/alcohol frequently while making dumps? It's not an option. Heads get dirty quickly with these old disks.

I am not sure what MFMWarp does for calculating track lengths, but anything using flux for the conversion is going to be completely accurate, whereas MFM level won't be as accurate.
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