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Net Connect 3.1 on CD

Could you Brits help a poor lost soul in the colonies out:

About seven months ago I purchased a British program called Net Connect 3.1 on CD. When I tried to install it on my A1200 with 3.9, 030, 65meg ram. The second page gives me an error message which says "getenv:string to long" and shuts down, Is the CD defective or can I get around this?

Even though I have been a user since the days of the VIC20, several long absences have turned me into a point and click only kind of guy, so be gentle.

By the way Haage-Partners now own this program but they are so busy nowdays that they cannot find the time to respond to a formor customers plea s for assistance.
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Disregard the above post. I have been trying to put my A1200 on the internet for 8 months and have now given up, it is either impossible or not worth the massive time, trouble and expense. It is much cheaper and easier to buy a new IBM PC which is what I am forced to do.
Good Bye, I will miss you.
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Why use netconnect? everything you need to go online with your 1200 comes with 3.9 (except the modem )

just install the internet stuff from the 3.9 installer, you will get genesis (TCP stack), Aweb (grab the latest free one from the net) and some crap email software (grab YAM)...
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