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Which Is Best? Nitro, Super Cars II or Overdrive?

Hi everyone and welcome to the August edition of Which Is Best?
Last month I placed an Amiga and Atari ST not well known fast racers against each other to see which you thought was best.
It was neck and neck to begin with but in the end it was Ammotrak on the ST that beat Highway Hawks on the Amiga.
This result surprised me tbh as to me Highway Hawks played better and moved faster than the other game, plus unlike Ammotrak, Highway Hawks didn't pull my hair out in unfair gaming frustration.
Anyway, Ammotrak wins that one.
This month I place three Amiga Super Sprint clones against each other, Nitro, Super Cars II and Overdrive which are all very playable and have great music.
So which is the best game?!,...once again only you will decide that :-D
Happy voting!!! Zeus
P.s, votes will mainly count on the actual Youtube vid as It's easier to keep track.

[ Show youtube player ]

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All Terrain Racing!

But if you have to choose between those three: Nitro.

+ great car handling (fun sliding and upgrades make a difference: try to boot engines but no tires and it really gets fun)
+ three players game
+ music you could listen forever
+ nice graphics and loading screens
+ just pure fun and solid game without issues

Super Cars II:
+ two players
+ weapons
+ buying&selling with changing rates
+ nice gfx and music
- not that good car handling, car goes on rails and directions are quite limited
- can be frustrating with some bugs or design issues

+ good graphics
- single player only
- view is too limited to the speed
- I hate games where you should just hit to certain power-ups/spots on every lap (turbo in this case) and forget the natural racing lines
- something missing making it quite boring game

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Super Cars II
menu music is much better than any tune in Nitro :-)
and you know where to go all the time

really smooth and fast race

missing ATR as the option

BTW: you should practice Super Cars II little more before making the video, you really suxx :-)
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Old 21 August 2016, 12:18   #4
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Absolutely Super Cars 2 !!!

Musics, races, options, car movements, everything is much better than the other games. Lot of fun, one of the best games ever!
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Old 21 August 2016, 14:02   #5
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Yeah Super Cars II all the way. Love playing against a friend, could spend hours on this

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Old 21 August 2016, 14:09   #6
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Nitro: Overall it aged very good. Especially the controls. Great top down racer.
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Old 21 August 2016, 16:48   #7
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Nitro and Supercars II come with good graphics and good gameplay
SuperCars II has weapons )
Overdrive is well programmed but the graphics of the road looks a bit empty.

i think it's fun to play these games by their released year : Nitro then SuperCars II and finally Overdrive.
So you can appreciate all their specificities.

It's hard to say which one is the best, for sure i've played a lot to Nitro and Supercars II.
But Overdrive is a really good challenge to check your skill with a friend !!
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Old 22 August 2016, 08:13   #8
B14ck W01f
m68k all the way
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I'm not into racing games, unless you can beat up your opponent (eg: Road Rash)
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Old 22 August 2016, 10:17   #9
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Originally Posted by B14ck W01f View Post
I'm not into racing games, unless you can beat up your opponent (eg: Road Rash)
In Super Cars 2 you have a great choice of heavy weapons...
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Old 22 August 2016, 11:12   #10
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I don't know how they are 'super sprint clones' , maybe Super Grand Prix, Badlands etc but not Nitro, Super Cars II or Overdrive.
But anyway, easily Super Cars II for me, always played it the most, though we did play Nitro alot as well, Super Cars II had more too it, the only downer to it is is does play a little slow which is even more noticeable nowadays but its slick and never grows old to play in 1 player or 2, Nitro is great with 2-3 players but is not so great in single player mode.
Overdrive, i was hyped when it came out, love overhead racers, love Team 17...good gfx and sound, the game just wasn't very fun to play and had no replay factor, one of Team 17 biggest disappointments for me.
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Old 22 August 2016, 11:28   #11
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Already voted for Super Cars II. I think it will be a landslide victory for sc2
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Old 22 August 2016, 14:45   #12
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Hi guys, don't forget that Overdrive can be played in two player mode by linking two Amiga. And believe me, it changes a lot of thing about the game value !

Overdrive and Supercars 2 are both excellent game, but can't be really compared as the first doesn't use weapons. To finish first (the racing spirit so) isn't the main stuff in Supercars, this last is more than an action game eh eh !
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Nitro is best, The End.
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Overdrive has great scrolling and great music. A bit limited otherwise, but I still play it from time to time.
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Old 22 August 2016, 19:01   #15
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Supercars II is a good all-rounder.

I want to love Overdrive but the view of the race is just too zoomed-in. The only way I can play it well is to constantly look at the map at the bottom to know when to turn for the next corner, which means missing out on everything else happening on the screen.

Nitro is ok, something stops me from loving it though, maybe it's the graphics, but I do appreciate the large array of tracks to play. Also, the fact that you can run out of fuel on the harder tracks if you don't do well enough is a major frustration, particularly as it's easy to get lost and waste it.

On the other hand, ATR is perfection.

Of the three, Supercars II gets my vote.
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Old 22 August 2016, 19:41   #16

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Like other people said, All Terrain Race

But between the three, is hard to pick between Nitro or Super Cars 2. I think Nitro is the better game for many reasons, but it does have its quirks (some of the track design is really bonkers and you can get lost on them, also the game is just too easy). Super Cars 2 is a more simple game, with nearly no AI and a simpler track design, but its a lot fun to play too.

I think I'd stick with Nitro.

Now Overdrive is a wasted opportunity. Its very well programmed but it has a very flawed gameplay. It's not a bad game ,but it's not close to be as good as the other two.

Still. All Terrain Race beats all of them (and it's from the same guy who made Nitro )
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Turbo Trax should also get a mention. Its almost exactly the same as overdrive with replaced gfx. Not the greatest game but I do like its music

Of the 3 choices, I will say overdrive just due to its great music,gfx and how smooth and fast it is and its overall great presentation throughout the game.
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Old 03 September 2016, 00:20   #18
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Super Off Road or Super Skidmarks would be my choice as the Amiga's best. Of these three I'd say Nitro.
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Old 03 September 2016, 01:57   #19
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IMO: Nitro
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