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Into the Wonderful

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A new history of modern gaming

A lot of people here seem to have a serious dislike of modern gaming. My question is this:

If you could change the way that gaming has evolved since the demise of the 16-bit era, what would you see done differently?

I realise a lot of will bring up the old 3D/FPS/originality chestnut, but how would YOU like to see modern gaming technology used other than how it is today?
Also, if you could make these changes, do you think you would actually be playing modern games or were your gaming tastes always going to remain back when the Amiga was (is) king?
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Yes, the first thing would be the originality. Let's people CREATE new stuff, not only do copy-paste games. And don't say "All ideas have already been done", this is bullshit. Just look at the freeware scene and you will see that.

Games that require skill instead of large amounts of time to be finished. 3D and 2D could live togeter, just imagine what could be done in 2D with today systems.
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Mr Softy
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Originally posted by Shatterhand
3D and 2D could live togeter, just imagine what could be done in 2D with today systems.
yup shatt I agree 100 percent with that. 3D in itself is a nice improvement, and good fps are a joy to play but it is sad seing it in every fucking game around. do we need 3D in a strategy game? no sir. strategy is about brains, plots, playability. not show off and eye candy.
nuff said.
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They made warcraft3 look good and I quite liked Kingdoms graphics as well.

And if anyone tried Battle island, the androsian war then the 3D is also somewhat important as height gives a significant advantage.
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The problem is, many newly released 3d games do not benefit from being made in 3d, but rather their playability suffer from it. Latest example is Europa 1400: The Guild.
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Apart from the greater 2D gaming nput to balance the 3D gaming, (& the accompanying gaming hardware to allow it), I would love to see a programming return to seeing what the current technology could actually be pushed to rather than a 6 monthly update Geforce/Radeon +DirectX mentality that exists now.
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Mr Creosote
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Apart from the originality, I'd like to see graphics which don't look like a bowl of puss and on which I can recognize something without being forced to consult Internet forums.
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Fred the Fop
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Panzer General 2 is a strategy game. Look at the screenshot of this 1997 classic. It's gorgeous in it's 2D sprite glory. Yet, the shitheads of game design now consider it ugly. Sad indeed when 3D invades strategy. I even read in PC game magazine and websites a similar lamentation of this vile development. It's the old enemy of free thought: Dumbing down for the masses.
The masses are the worst dictator of all.
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i just wish nintendo hadnt been so greedy/arrogant with the whole phillips/sony cd add on for the snes, and developed it further so they would have released the equivalent of playstation, sega would have maybe followed with a better version of the saturn, or at least one easier to program for, and we wouldnt have the whole fucked up psx situation..

and good games rather than good looking ones would still dominate the market..

oh well, i can still hope nec releases another console..
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