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A2024 refresh problem with frame skip = 1, 3, ...

[I half-remember reporting this before, but in case I'm mistaken...]

I noticed a problem with A2024 modes (at least the four-pane 15Hz one) when frame skip is set to 1, 3 or 5 etc. [With the Refesh slider in Display settings all the way to the left, that's 0 frame skip, i.e. every frame is rendered. Frame skip 1 means every other frame is rendered etc.]

Set Refresh to frame skip 1. Boot to Workbench, set Workbench to A2024:15Hz and open a CLI/Shell window. Resize the window so it occupies most of the screen. Move the mouse pointer to near the bottom left corner.

Type stuff in the CLI, e.g. Type S:startup-sequence, press return several times. You should see that only part of the screen is refreshed.

Repeat with Workbench in A2024:10Hz and you should see some parts of the window are not refreshed for any frame skip > 0.

I'm not sure what the best way to "fix" this would be. There is a benefit to skipping frames (lower CPU usage), but perhaps ignore the Refresh setting for A2024 modes by default? Or show a warning to the user the first time an A2024 mode + frame skip is used?
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Toni Wilen
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Probably only way to make it work is to force no frameskip. (and only way to not make it far too complex..)
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I noticed another problem with odd refresh values when interlaced line mode is set to double, fields or double, fields+. This is with normal modes, not A2024.

When refresh is set to 1, 3 etc., only the lines of one field are refreshed, the other lines remain black.

With interlaced modes and odd refresh values, you could perhaps render two successive fields then skip one or more to fix that issue.
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