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I remember few things... help me please !

Hi , I remember having an amiga when I was a child but this game is maybe cross-plateform.

I remember that the main character kinda looked like a caveman and I remember two specefics levels.

The first one : You stand on very high trees and you can move from trees to trees by jumping over arrows that are stuck in those trees. Dark atmosphere, a little bit of smoke here and there across the level.

The second one : The level starts in a dinausor cemetery , the atmosphere is gloomy.. I think this is the last level of the game. You can see a lot of bones on the ground at the begenning..

The game had very very good graphics for his time. The style was serious , not cartoonish.

Please help me ><
Thanks a lot !
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Possibly 'Chuck Rock'
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Exactly what sprung to mind also RokChild

Some screenshots for Link00000: http://hol.abime.net/3017/screenshot
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Thanks for your answers.
It is not chuck rock or chuck rock II because there is no level on very high trees :/ I remember also better graphics than those games. Maybe its not on Amiga :/
I remember an old consoles with 2 controllers but they were different ! But both could be connected to the console and I could play with my sister ! I remember a lot of button on the console a bit like a keyboard maybe.. But i'm not sure tho..
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Atari Jaguar controller have a lot of buttons and graphics have more colors.
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Yes but the buttons were on the console itself , not on the controllers. But I remember two different controllers , that's weird..
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Prehistorik Man on the SNES?

[ Show youtube player ]
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maybe it was Chuck Rock 2 on the Mega Drive.
here are scenes [ Show youtube player ] and [ Show youtube player ].
the 2nd scene is really cool, when i saw it a while back on youtube, I thought it was amiga gameplay, but it wasnt :/
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I think it's Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja

Tree level

Cemetery level (last level)

Was on Amiga but also available on SNES and Megadrive. But doesn't look serious. Your Reality Distortion Field© could be at play here
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It's Prehistorik Man on the SNES !

Thank you all for your precious help ! This game is sick !
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Your description of the last level sounds exactly like Joe & Mac's, perhaps you played both and mixed them up
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