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Anyone else emailing from an A500?

Hi all, just wondering how many other people out there have modern day (2016) email send and receive working on their (1987) A500 with the original 68000 processor?

It might be lots of us, or it might not – I just don't know. But I got it working today!

Here was my success, via a Plipbox and Yet Another Mailer v1.3.5: http://eab.abime.net/showpost.php?p=...&postcount=109 YAM is beautiful and super fast!

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Not me, I stopped using email on my A1200 in 1998 or so (using modem).
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I need to get my A500 back in action with the 020 card I got.

I have tried the Plipbox on both my A4000 and A1200 and it works great. Although I use an X-Surf and Wifi on them normally.

I haven't done any emailing on an Amiga in years although I logged onto Googlemail on the A4000 for a laugh once.
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Amigan - an loving it!!
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I was exclusively using my A1200 for email until I got a cable line in about 2003. Back then I wasn't bothered about content-rich emails and was just happy to get text-based emails. YAM was my client of choice. I did get my A500 online (using a Motorola 14.4 modem), but only used it for bulletin boards, as opposed to email proper.

Seems like a good project, though, getting the A500 emailing... hmm..
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Starglider 2
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Just for fun, if anyone wants to receive an email from an Amiga 500, you can reach it and me on this machine specific addy and I'll reply:

1984 (at) chrisimpsonlineTEETH.com

Remove TEETH before emailing.

(Why 1984? Partly a dystopian Orwellian reference, partly when Amiga was first made public.)
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