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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Yea, newer games were significantly better about problems. Failure to work on new hardware meant even fewer sales. The Amiga Hardware Reference Manual gave recommendations and programmers who followed it were generally fine until AGA. A platform that is free to sell games is going to have amateur game creation attempts. Some Amiga users don't want to lose any games but most of the ones that are worthwhile get WHDLoad treatment.
I think you are petty about this. Surely any NTSC Amiga owners were let down by the mindblowing explosion of new game concepts coming from the talented small gamedevs of Europe, since the market was PAL A500, to be real about it. So they didn't run well, or at all. But you'd be surprised how few lines of a 25000 line games source it takes to not support Amigas not invented yet, even after reading HRM cover to cover

Also, by the time of the A600 (with small ECS differences being published Aug 1991), studios had already moved to licensed consoles, that produced about 5 titles worth playing and 40 titles total each. No console can match the diversity of games we got on Amiga. And on PC you bought a $150 upgrade for your $2000 computer to run a single title.

I can find no blame at all anywhere except (for USA) the alleged lack of marketing. But I think that's just a cultural difference. We read magazines, didn't have splashy TV commercials for computers, and there were plenty of ads and reviews.
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A600's were available in my part of canada, pretty much all of them were the HD20 or HD40 models.. there was at least 6-7 dedicated amiga shops within a 20min drive in the mid 90's around my area..

Even in 1992 you could still get a C64 in any toysrus, Canadian Tire, Kmart, Wooworth, Compucenter etc.. I bought my first 64C at CT in '93.. to replace a dead breadbin.. and my A4000 in a local shop around the same time.. Cyberstorm PPC also was bought local.. last local C=/Amiga shop closed down sometime in 2001-2002 I think..
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I have an Amiga 600 here in original box. Has a barcode sticker that says "A600 US" on it, so it looks like a definite US model. Serial #M000898.
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Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
Any Amiga with Kickstart 3.x has that option. It's called the Early Startup menu.
But you still need a compatible display, right? That's what I've heard.
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You need 1MB Fat Agnus yes
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Originally Posted by dave4shmups View Post
Commodore did a terrible job marketing Amiga products here.
There were always live Amigas in German department stores. That's all. Simple and effective.
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600s were definitely available in the US.

Not only do I have one, but I bought my original one from Tenex in 1993.

At the time, it was $179 for the 600, and another $110 for the 85MB HD option and $40 for an extra 1MB of CHIP. To receive an entire multitasking computer that had full color and sound, and a hard drive to boot, for around $300 was an insanely good deal. My friends were still dishing out insane amounts of cash for 386s.

Putz Electronics in Sacramento also had them, for $399 (list price) which was a joke.
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