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I wanna build a custom wb pack

Hey guys,

I'm a huge fan of ClassicWB however I'd like to try my hand at building my own WB packs. I'd like to create it for 3.0/3.1 and 3.9, so essentially two branches. I plan to take a LOT of inspiration from ClassicWB, but am curious to know what you guys would include. What default applications, configuration settings, etc, would you include? Custom libraries? Quick installers for PPC stuff? Which icon sets? Which backgrounds? Got a cool name idea for a custom workbench pack?

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This is really great news. We need certainly more options.

I have built a couple of workbench packs myself and it is a journey full of fun and trouble. It is really worth it.

I recommend that your first meditate on the philosophy behind it. What you want to achieve, and what will difference this wb pack/distro from others (appearance, hardware requirements, software choices, etc).

That is the key point.

Anyway, count on me with help or/and advice in whatever goals you choose.

Good luck and welcome to hell
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...Loads of regression testing and try to find a way to keep your whole setup under revision control.
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Major thing from ClassicWB is compatibility (or different releases for different setups) with original hardware as well effortless install and preservation of chip memory should be among goals.

Not sure how many users you might expect, specially when FS-UAE and GameBase Amiga bith run WHDLoad games without even need for workbench... in any case, good luck with your plan...
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Thanks for the tip guys! I'm still brainstorming a bit. I'll keep the thread updated with my plans. Hope this turns out fun.
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It's always fun to experiment cause always there is something you will learn about it.
I love ClassicWB and I ended up changing a lot of stuff when I found out how to do it.
It's really worth the trouble as Gulliver said.
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I wanna build a custom wb pack

Just my 2 cents.
Very good idea!
I would use a base inspired from BetterWb because it's a very fast and light distribution, then add all the good visual enhancement from MagicWb because it has set a standard, very recognisable, and neat, of our beloved Amigas. MUI of course too.
I'm not sure OS3.9 is even a base to be considered, as OS3.1 does already everything and can be enhanced. Not to mention OS4 which requires exclusive Amiga classic.
I'm very interested in your project because I have all sort of issues with ClassicWb, to begin with: the localisation... Never been able to have a proper French on my Wb with this package...
Other than that (and again, just my own and humble opinion) I would stay away from too big graphical stuff which would compete with AmiKit for real Amiga which does it very well.
All the best, I will follow this thread... Thumb up!

...Ah, also creating a front-end to chose what to install and what not to install would be great (commodities, drivers...).

...And all that installable from WinUAE to prepare CF cards quickly before to install them in real machines. ))
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