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Need help

Hello all,

I could need some help. I have an Amiga 600 which I have used to play via scart cable on my rather old phillips lcd tv.

Now I have bought a new samsung tv, which doesnt have scart or avi.

Does anybody know about a scart to hdmi or something cable that would actually work ?

Any tips are very welcome.
Thanks alot!
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Hello Bluescow,

Welcome to EAB

My girlfriend's Dad had to purchase a Scart to HDMI adapter in order to connect an old VHS & DVD player to a new Panasonic TV.

Hopefully it should also work with your Amiga (but obviously can tell you 100%). Luckily they are not too expensive so you can give one a try.

Just Google "Scart to HDMI" and there's loads of different options e.g. http://www.buymystuff.co.uk/panasoni...d-televisions/
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Thanks for the reply. Will check it out.

Anyone else know about a cable (solution) that they know works I will appreciate that aswell.
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There is no cable solution for this as RGB from an Amiga is analog and HDMI is digital. Do not be fooled by any cheap cable on ebay from China claiming to be able to do it as it cannot be done with a cable, it requires electronics in the middle to covert the signal to digital.
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Ok, do you have any example of this electronics needed ?
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I've no idea what exactly is needed (well beyond my comprehension of how upscaling etc works).

But these are examples of what will get the job done: http://www.ebay.co.uk/bhp/scart-to-hdmi-converter

Be sure to get one that does scart to hdmi, as some of them do hdmi to scart only.
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Just in case you didn't already consider it, the simple/cheap solution is to use composite video, but of course the image will not be as good as RGB -> scart.
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I don't have any experience with it, but this OSSC should do what you want it to:


There's also the Framemeister, but that would be even more expensive.
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