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cdrom icons wrong

This is not really a winuae problem but since there's no general amiga os thread and the problem occurs when using winuae I decided to post it here ( other alternative would have been apps prob ).

Using the new winuae0822R3 I transferred everything from my real 'Amiga' hardisk to a couple of PC directories.
I had an A1200 which had a CDROM attached to it.
However in winuae the old cdromdriver was unable to detect the cdrom from my PC.

After installing IDEfix this was 'fixed' :-) but since the drive was the 2 one ( the old cdromdriver being CD0 ) it was labeled CD1. This gave me a disk icon for it in stead of a CDROM icon.
Since then I removed both drivers and reinstalled the new driver as CD0 however nothing changed.

My question now is, this is most likely an easy one for you guys but I never figured it out, how are the devices linked to the icons. I know the .info file holds the icon for a certain apllication but I don't fully understand the linking of lets say a general drawer or floppydisk or the devices to their icons.

If any of you could help me out here or point me to a site where I can find some documentation on it that would be great. All I was able to find so far was the difference between a default icon and a dynamic one like the xen icons.

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Look into ENVARC:SYS there must be a lot of icons named def_xyz.info. One should be def_CD0.info. This is used for disks in drive CD0. (def_CD1.info ist used for CD1 and so on). If there is none, you can create one with IconEdit. If there is one that does not work, load it into IconEdit and change its type to Disk. Note that you must reboot after that because the icons must be copied to ENV:SYS.

This scenario only works if the DefIcons program is started in WBStartup. If you already had DefIcons before you installed OS3.9, make sure it is *not* started in s:user-startup. Because starting it twice will stop it.
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Thanks for the input Thomas but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work.

I did forget to mention that I'm working with a workbench3.1 but at first sight it seemed to be similar with your explanation. I found the icons for disk, tool and drawer in the env-archive directory under the prefs. I then created a new icon called def_CD0 because it didn't exist here but even with Deficon installed in the wbstartup it doesn't work.
I found out that the icons for the ramdisk and the harddisks are in the root partition.
The only icon I can find for the CD0 is in the dosdrivers directory and is completely different from the one that appears when I insert a CD, infact I think this icon has got nothing to do with the appearing of an icon when a CD is inside am I correct?
But that still doesn't change the fact that a disk icon is appearing in stead of a cdrom icon.
I also noticed that when I create a hardfile and I add it in winuae instead of a harddisk icon I get a disk icon. Very disturbing !!
please, need more input.
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