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Smile Hi!

Hi EAB folk,

I'm new to the board and also to Amiga emulation. However, my interest stems from the fact that my parents bought an Amiga (I can't recall which model) back in the mid-late '80's. It was awesome!

I've never forgotten playing Defender Of The Crown, Dungeonmaster and FA-18 Interceptor. There was also a fantastic F1 sim and a submarine sim, neither of which I have been able to identify from online research. The ones I've found seem to have been released a bit later than I remember playing them.

Anyway, I'm keen to replay these games. And to discover more ...

Great to see that there's a community keeping it all alive!!

Amiga rocks!!!

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Welcome! Yeah, I too am amazed at how active the Amiga community still is. It's wonderful.

I just bought an A1200 off eBay and am looking forward to cleaning it up, putting it in a new case, maybe getting it re-capped if necessary, and then enjoying WHDLoad for the rest of time... it's amazing that these are still viable options 24 years after the machine was released.
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Welcome to EAB.

Nice that your parents got you Amiga when you were kid. I had to work for mine.

Wonder if submarine sim was 688 Attack Sub or (Silent Service (there was SS II later in 90's)

Was F1 sim arcade or more of a simulation? (IF Arcade, it can be Vroom, otherwise there were few F1 sims )

BTW, HOL is place to look for long forgotten game treasure...
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Hey, thanks for the responses!

@mintsauce82: That sounds so cool! I discovered this board while looking for answers to a simulation issue. From my somewhat limited reading of the forums so far, it seems that there is some amazing stuff happening hardware-wise with these old machines. I had no idea!!! Kinda got me thinking ...

@Anubis: My folks didn't get the machine for me and my siblings,it was mostly for my mum (an artist), but they were nice enough to get some games for us kids
As far as those games go, Silent Service would be right. As far as the F1 game goes it was very much a sim - you could adjust the tyres, the angle of the wings, pit-stop mini-game etc. The only one that seems right is F1GP, but it doesn't seem to have come out until after I recall playing the game ... but I could easily be confused about when I played it due to a ridiculously misspent youth (I'm 2 years older than you)
Thanks for the HOL tip

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