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Working C64 in post apocalyptic future (Karate Cop):

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Stuck in the 80s

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The original 500 will outlive most Amiga models imo - I reckon most will still be around until the end of this century if looked after and kept in normal environment. For me the original run 1000 is the highest quality Amiga (the one with the copper tracks/ceramic chipset).

I would predict the following having imminent threat of death (unless serviced) - highest to lowest risk (taking into account build/part quality at the time);

4000 (barrel battery of doom & leaky/cheap caps)
CD32 (leaky/cheap caps)
1200 (leaky/cheap caps)
600 (leaky/cheap caps)
500+ (barrel battery of doom/close proximity of surrounding chips)
3000 (barrel battery of doom/close proximity of surrounding chips)
2000 (barrel battery of doom - not as risky due to larger PCB plane, easier to work with if repair required)
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Hyperintelligent cockroaches will still be lamenting why some other cockroaches think Xenon II is a good game...

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The Amiga will never DIE,it will be around foreverrrr..

I have A500 I and don't use it so these are ones that will still be here in 2045..
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Originally Posted by spannernick View Post
I have A500 I and don't use it so these are ones that will still be here in 2045..
As long as you get it recapped first of course.
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I think that if we talked about completely original (not even recapped) and still working Amigas, then I think we are talking some time in the not too distant future (i.e. within the life time of many of us). There might be a few original 500s around that still work in 50 years, but I think it will be very few, mainly due to cap failure. I don't think many electrolytic caps will work well after 80 years. But we might never know since most people who care about keeping Amigas around will recap them and otherwise keep them in shape.
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