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Originally Posted by Knoeki View Post
feel free to send me your real Amiga hardware if you feel that way <3
Sold it all
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I'm somewhere in the middle of this dispute, I guess... I LOVE the real deal (real hardware) and I agree that there's something to do with the physical part of things that just isn't "emulatable".

But... I also agree that UAE has reached a tremendous level of sophistication and is able to provide a rock-solid Amiga experience with the added benefit of being an A500, an A1200, an A4000, a CD32, etc... all-in-one.

Yet there's something to real hardware that just draws me to it which, as I said above, just isn't replicable via emulation. Thus the utter love and dedication that I nurture for my Amigas (never achieved by any PC I've owned) and why I usually resort to my trusty old A500 to play while only rarely using the impeccably impressive WinUAE on my over-performing i7.

Despite that, though, I would NEVER pay more than 100€ for an A1200, even with the aforementioned Blizzard board. Yes, call me cheap, call me whatever you want, but I just think that these sort of prices over such an old (and, lets face it, useless) hardware are SPECULATIVE at best, offensive at worst. I once considered buying an A1200 to make company to my two A500 but I gave up on the idea when I saw the prices. So these steep prices are keeping carefree hobbyists like myself from actually buying Amigas... thus, as some of you have said, this sort of status quo benefits the rich/spending-shoppers/hoarders in detriment of the common Joe. Hey... it's one of the fundamental laws of Smithian economics, right? Supply and demand. I get it. I just won't buy it (pun intended).

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As you said, it is supply and demand, there is no need to invoke hoarders (although from what I read on the EAB ere are quite a few cases of hoarding here but it is anecdotal evidence and hence irrelevant).

Most of existing Amiga are in inaccessible places: attics, storage rooms and landfills.
The few which are on the market are not enough to satisfy the existing demand of people who realize they should never have sold their old one or just want to discover the machine.

n Amiga available, n*m people who want to buy (m>1)
=> the price goes up

But if you want cheap Amiga hardware there is a solution: go knock at all the doors of your neighborhood and ask if they have old computers they want to get rid of for a small price. If you do that for a few weeks I guarantee you that you will find a lot of treasures.
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Theres nothing wrong with emulation imho, if you can live without the original hardware fine. but some of us lucky enough to have a miggy kicking about still i suspect will always bring it out regularly simply "because we/they can", i like to use WinUAE to test downloads before transferring them across.

it's quite a nostalgic experience, plus it's nice to see these computers being loved and looked after all these years later.

I also dont mind admitting that i get abit of a buzz playing newer demos on old hardware, theres just something addictively satisfying about it.
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I've always bought all my Amiga gear for fair prices - I refuse to pay more than what I think it should go for. The market can go to hell - it's filled with scalpers and I won't be a part in it.

Some examples:

A1200 in Italy (2009) complete with joysticks, cables and PSU - 30EUR
A1200 here in UK (2014) complete with joysticks, cables and PSU - FREE
A500 here in UK (2014) bare - FREE
8MB RAM Card for A1200 (eBay in 2009) complete with 8MB RAM - 15EUR
8MB RAM Card for A1200 (eBay in 2010) bare - 20EUR
Broken Apollo 1240 (eBay in 2010) bare - 30EUR (repaired it and it works now, it's a MACH131 one so it's going to be upgraded one day)
Broken Blizzard PPC (eBay in 2010) - 100EUR (screw the guy who sold me that blasted thing, the oscillator pins were FUBAR and he didn't mention any of it)
Fully pimped A4000 (random guy on internet in 2012) with 3640, 16MB RAM, Picasso II, Kick 3.1, Multisync 13" - 250EUR

I once refused a fully boxed CD32 for 60EUR because I thought it was too much
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Yeah, I also refuse to pay a shitload of money for old classic cars and parts... I just want them at the price they were 20 years ago... /sarcasm
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