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Old 24 December 2015, 19:21   #21
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I have registered so long ago some times I forget I did!
I hope he can still take voluntary donations, as I would love to help the development of it. Would be very sad that it stops
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Old 24 December 2015, 19:24   #22
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These are great news. Offtopic but another great gift would be the MUI key without "registration" to have it.
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Old 24 December 2015, 19:30   #23
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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Over on amiga.org someone has said that bert posted on facebook that development will continue and nothing has changed. Thankfully!
It was me just being pessimistic after all!
That's true.

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Old 24 December 2015, 19:36   #24
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I registered it a few years ago but don't use it much being honest but it's great for the odd times I need it. I'd happily pay for it again if it was needed to keep the site online and development going etc.
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Old 24 December 2015, 19:37   #25
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It was definitely well worth the cost of registration without any doubt
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Old 24 December 2015, 21:38   #26

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Marvellous, I register and then it becomes free! Can I have a refund
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Old 24 December 2015, 23:53   #27
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Excellent! Merry Xmas guys
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Old 25 December 2015, 01:43   #28
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I registered mine about six month ago but to be honest I am glad Wepl has released it for free. It has been a lifesaver for me and the magazine production of Amigaville.

Good on him
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Old 25 December 2015, 01:58   #29

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What about those installs that only work with a registered version?
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Old 25 December 2015, 02:08   #30
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Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
What about those installs that only work with a registered version?
They will work as though they're registered at a guess!
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Old 25 December 2015, 02:09   #31
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I registered mine long time ago... still nice to see your name with WHDLoad splash screen...
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Old 25 December 2015, 02:47   #32
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I'm registered too. Thanks for all your work!

But please keep it up. The classic and gaming Amiga community needs you
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Old 25 December 2015, 05:41   #33
Joe Maroni

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many thanks for this gift....got my key many years ago and never regret the 20 EUR for it...

many thanks to Bert and the whole whdload team....
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Old 25 December 2015, 07:13   #34
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I registered long time ago too, i'm curious : why he is stoping the possibility to register ???

Thank you for this great piece of code which helped me to use my amiga 4000 so long.
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Old 25 December 2015, 08:51   #35
Leandro Jardim
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Yohoo! Thanks Bert, I always wanted to have a full WinUAE configuration, with games and WHDload, and now I can have. An other good example of superb folks here on EAB.

Merry Christmas for you, too.
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Old 25 December 2015, 10:14   #36
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Great news! Any chance for a source release also?
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Old 25 December 2015, 10:29   #37
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As they are still going to work on it, doubtful
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Old 25 December 2015, 13:38   #38

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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
They will work as though they're registered at a guess!

To test, installed the WHDLoad of Grand Monster Slam 1 Disk Version (which needs a registered WHDLoad) in Winuae and if I remove my key the slave says 'not registered' and quits after the title screen as mentioned in the readme.txt, this is with 18.1. Put the key back and it plays fine.

Installed 18.2 and removed my key and GMS runs just like registered version
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Old 25 December 2015, 15:19   #39
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I respect the registration process, but when I took over some MrLarmer slaves, I always removed the "must be registered" protection. Why? Dunno, I did not like the feature.
unregged whdload already displays a message and takes more time to start, so I figured: it's enough hassle for unregged users.

The only registered stuff I left is the one on Hacker (Well, now it's time to release the source code)
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Excellent news and a wonderful gift to the community! I registered many years ago and it's worth every penny ten times over! I hope development continues and the donations keep rolling in!

As an aside, I saw one gentleman on the Amiga Facebook group giving out that this is terrible and that he wanted his registration money back. I thought he was joking at first, but for some bizarre reason he apparently genuinely feels hard done by with this move. Oh well, it's a full moon, I guess the crazies have to come out every now and again
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