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Says that you can add keyboard and mice for Android. I assume that's to enable multitouch? If I just run linux on it can I get away with just the one mouse?

Questions, questions.
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well I like the pi2 runs great on my kodi build ,the Chinese come American promoters look like they trying to take pi foundation on which will be healthy.

the trouble with these windows type boards is there all suck as the graphics need more power to run all the stuff so it will be slow and I don't see any point as I have sli titans in this machine nothing will take that power on.

but the android boards are great they run other os,s without needing the super poopa video cores because it aint windowzy based garbage.

and theres more
BeagleBone Black
Banana Pi
LinkSprite pcDuino
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Cotton Candy
The NanoPC-T1
ODROID-XU4 this puppy gets my vote....
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Originally Posted by amig060 View Post
ODROID-XU4 this puppy gets my vote....
Interesting choice of chip, that's the chip in Samsung Galaxy S5 phones with Mali T628 GPU. Better than the usual Mali400 crap GPU found in Raspberry Pi and 100 others..
and USB3 is nice, but then its 2x the price of the Pi2 too...
And the active cooler...hmm.. Did you buy one?
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