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Wings! - Remastered Edition for AmigaOS4, MorphOS and Aros x68

Hey Guys,

this is Sven from Cinemaware and i want to inform you about the upcoming release of "Wings! - Remastered Edition" for AROS x86, MorphOS, Amiga OS4 (Warp 3D) and Amiga OS4 (RadeonHD Compositing) as a limited BigBox-Edition.

"Wings! - Remastered Edition" was our successfully kickstarter campaign and was released originally for PC and Mac. But thanks to the community we get in touch with Daniel from Goldencode and he is working on the port. Right now you can download also a demo for you system (link down below)

This physical release is limited to 300 Editions. This will be the only physical release, no 2nd Boxed-Edition will follow. It will be a classic BigBox with the Manual (Aviation Manual included), Poster and a CD which includes the Game and the Soundtrack. Also the classic Wings is included.

One important thing. This is a real community project. Daniel worked for free till now and continues with developing if we reach 150 sales (right now we are around 130) but can only be completed paid if we sell all 300 copies. We, Cinemaware, will not earn anything on this game. If all 300 Boxes are sold, he can also fully concentrate on the Port, so the release of Feb. 2016 is really safe. Sales goes complete to Daniel for the port and the production of the box. So its really important that we get sold out If this project and also the "Defender"-Project are successfull, then other ports to Amiga-Systems are realistic.

So please support this game and also spread the word and link



Here the complete content and link to the Demos:

Wings! Remastered Amiga Edition for MorphOS, AROS x86, Amiga OS4 Warp3D, Amiga OS4 RadeonHD Compositing

Classic Big Box


CDRom (Wings! - Remastered Edition, Wings! -Classic, Soundtrack on Disc)


Limited Edition of 300 Boxes.

Release estimated Feb. 2016

Download the demo:



AmigaOS4 Warp3D

AmigaOS4 RadeonHD Compositing (für Radeon-Karten ohne 3D Treiber)
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Any chance you guys could fix Wings Classic for PC? The game is unplayably broken and well-documented on the GoG forums - I gave up trying to get someone to fix it six months ago, and it's been broken since release. :/

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Old 20 November 2015, 17:35   #3
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Okay, it should be that we get a not of the GOG-Release. Wíll check that.
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Great game and Daniel is going to do a very good work.
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Old 21 November 2015, 13:41   #5
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Fantastic! Will it have a French version ? I'm volunteering to translate texts if need be... Wings! is THE game I've played all year round in 1991-1992...
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Old 22 November 2015, 16:47   #6
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Thanks There is French text in the game.
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Only 13 preorders to go to make this happen

The game is great, tested on my Sam460ex the compositing version and it runs like a charm!
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Old 02 December 2015, 07:48   #8
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8 preorders to go

Please spread the word in order to reach the minimum of 150 preorders in order to have the port of this game on Amiga NG
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Old 02 December 2015, 23:30   #9
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It's only for NG Amiga !?
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Old 03 December 2015, 03:18   #10
Total Chaos forever!

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Originally Posted by seb132 View Post
It's only for NG Amiga !?
Windows and Mac also, I hear. Maybe Linux. 68k lacks processor power to run the remake.
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Old 10 December 2015, 21:07   #11
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An update from Daniel, the coder of the game for AmigaNG, after the reach of 150 preorders sold:

"Thanks to all who preordered so far!
The minimum amount of 150 preorders has been reached by now which means: I'm working on the port again

However, 300 are the amount we really need to fully cover all costs, including my development costs. Since this here is a complete rewrite and no "simple" port like for example Tower57 will be, those sum up.
The 300-calculation was meant to cover about three months of full time work on this title (plus production costs plus some other Cinemaware outlays, and taxes of course).
As you may guess with 150 preorders things look different. I am not able to work full time on this title for now. Consequently it is unlikely that the Feb. 2016 release date can be achieved.
I'll do as much as I can, but I'll have to take care first that my warchest stays filled to a certain level.

Because forum work eats up my time too I decided to keep a small development diary (not much there yet) instead of answering question X over there and talk about progress Y somewhere else.
That way you can always check out the current progress. I'll also answer (technical, gameplay related) questions there when I see some on any forum.
Just follow the link in my signature.

I'll also update the demo version from time to time, of course.


Link to the development diary of the game
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Old 09 July 2016, 16:02   #12
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Wings Remastered Amiga OS 4 W.I.P [ Show youtube player ]
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Old 14 December 2016, 21:14   #13
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I can't seem to find anyware where the AOS 4.x version requires an AmigaNG or whether it will also run on a classic Amiga with PPC and AOS 4.x (and 3D video card)? Can someone enlighten me
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Old 15 December 2016, 11:12   #14
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Originally Posted by cinemaware View Post
Thanks There is French text in the game.
That's awesome! I always prefer to play games in French, it's easier for me to follow what's going on.
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If it's compatible with AROS 68k, it should be compilable on OS3.x, right!? Sufficient processor power or not...
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