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Nobody's yet named any games I've ever completed - I was hoping for an early-morning ego boost, but no.

Lotus 2 is the one I've come closest to (that very last level is tough, I don't always even reach the first checkpoint). There are plenty of games I owned in here already though - I only got to Toy Island in Rainbow Islands, the first Amiga game I ever bought.
Incidentally I had both Project X (the budget version) and Apidya, and I didn't find Project X as significantly harder as some made out, though I think I did get further in Apidya.

I didn't even get halfway through Robocod, only a few levels into Awesome, and only ever got through about six levels of the Settlers, shamefully.
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Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
Yeah I read somewhere on EAB that cracked version water raises too quickly, even still I think I need the water to to raise at all for me to complete the game
The Killing Game Show crack by Melnok is the only 100% crack out there. Skid Row missed a check in their crack. The only catch is that it's based on an NTSC original. I should know cuz I was the one who provided it to him.
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Originally Posted by ransom1122 View Post
I completely agree 110%. Speaking of which is there an ingame trainer or cheat for this game or a trained adf available? I'd imagine I probably still would get stuck playing with a trainer due to the complexity level design in this game.

Beating DM a few times won't make playing CSB any easier.
Strange, I find CSB quite easy. If you're locked somewhere you have the hint oracle and your characters start with high enough stats to handle the monsters.
There is no cheat, apart a fake one which doesn't work. If you need help on some particular area, PM me - I know every small detail of that game !
But maybe an automapper would be all that you need to be able to cope with the dungeon's non linear nature ?

A dungeon game which i've tried several times but will never finish is Crystal dragon. I just hate playing with only 2 chars !
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There are tons and tons of games that I had to give up at some point, mostly because they got very hard, or because of some point where I was not able to get past.
But in most of them I had to give up already nearly the end.

However, there are also some where I already gave up in the middle or after a few levels. The main problem for me is that most of these games take a lot of time until I get back to the point where I gave up, so I am not enough motivated to try again.

Examples for these are:

Battle Sqadron
James Pond II
Shadow of the Beast
Driving Force on high difficulty level (15 courses to beat)
Lotus III on high difficulty (also 15 courses, I think)
Chuck Rock
Saint Dragon
Arabian Nights
BC Kid
Fire and Ice
Kid Chaos
Tiger Road
Black Tiger

On these, there was a certain point which I never made it past:

Castlevania (that level wher you have to cross the water)
R-Type II (2nd or maybe 3rd level was too hard)
Project X (if you loose one life, you can turn off the Amiga because you loose lots of extra powers, which makes continuing completely senseless)
The Plague (cannot remember, but got impossible somewhere in level 3, I think)
Joe & Mac (there was one stage where hundreds of fishes jump out of the water and always kill me)
Titus the Fox: I think in level 9 or something I was not able to find the level code, and I did not want to replay the level before all the time)
Disposable Hero (got too hard in level 3 or so)

Then there are the ones where I gave up at the end of game fight, or shortly before the end:

Targhan (did not have enough energy left in last savegame to be able to beat the end of game enemy)
Chase HQ II (never made the last time limit in level 5 before the bomb explodes)
Sword of Sodan (never was able to kill the wizard at the end)
Terminator II Arcade (could not kill the T-1000 in front of the truck)
Push Over (could not complete level 98)
Elvira Arcade Fire level (I picked up everything and klled everything, but level did not end ?!?)
Nicky Boom II (last level is a bitch)
Lost Vikings (somehow I was not able to complete the last level 37)
Wonderdog (could not kill the end of game enemy)
Motörhead (always die in last level )
Double Dragon II (the end boss with the gun kills me)
Nucleus (l cannot manage to complete the last level ?)
Rise of the Robots (last robot before the supervisor is too hard for me on hardest level)
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Cannon Fodder was one until I finally completed it a couple of years ago. Prior to that I always got to around level 7 and then gave up. It just gets ridiculously hard after that point, the learning curve is too steep. I agree the later levels should be really hard (and they are!) but IMO levels 7-15 should be more similar to missions 4-6 in difficulty. I bet there are loads of people that bought Cannon Fodder and never played 13+ of the levels because they were too hard.

CF2 is even harder, to this day I've never got passed about level 5
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In Cannon Fodder it was too hard to me when single grenade can destroy my vehicle and destroy all my soldiers.
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Originally Posted by s2325 View Post
In Cannon Fodder it was too hard to me when single grenade can destroy my vehicle and destroy all my soldiers.
That at least is a fair self-murder. No, the murderous bouncing exploding rooftop or the door that shoots out of a house that blows up, those are the real aholes in that game.
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