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Amiga to plasma TV issues

I've just got an A1200 up and running after a good 15-20 years without one, and I'm having some issues getting it working right with my TV.

I have a 50" Panasonic plasma from about 2006, and this works well with a well-made RGB-scart cable (although the top part of the image is cut off, which is problematic for some games).

My main issue is that the TV is located nearly 6 metres away from the Amiga, and there isn't any way I can move them closer together. This means using the AmigaKit 4.8 metre RGB/scart cable with a 1 metre extension cable, but the extension cable degrades the image significantly, with waves of banding interference across the image.

I'm not sure what I can do to make that any better. I have considered the expensive option of an Indivision AGA board, but I've read that this outputs in 60hz which isn't ideal. I'm considering attempting to use a VGA adaptor, but would this be just as likely to have interference?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Hmm, you could try something like a RGB 2 HDMI converter ?
That way you can move the converter as near as possible to the Amiga, to have best quality analog input.
The signal from the converter to the TV would then be digital, where cable length should not reduce picture quality (I think HDMI cables exist for 5m and longer)

Just an idea without having done that ever. I don't know how good such converters work ?
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That's actually a very good idea, and one that I'd failed to consider - thanks! I've ordered one and will report back if it works, in case this solution could be useful to someone else.
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Yep, that's the solution I'd recommend as well. It might also solve the issue of the display being off the right of the screen, but that depends on the SCART-HDMI adaptor.

As an aside, those Panasonic plasmas can be adjusted in the service menu to change the horizontal offset of the image which will bring the AGA output back to the centre, you can find instructions easily with a quick Google. It does carry a risk of rendering the display unusable though so be careful!
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Thanks for the advice, Daedalus, I might try that out!

I used this Scart/HDMI adaptor: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B...ilpage_o03_s00.

It works extremely well, and the picture is excellent with no distortion (using the Amiga Kit 4.8mtr RGB/Scart). The same cannot be said for a shorter RGB/Scart that I got off eBay, which gives far worse image quality.
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