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He's probably thinking of the reset part in "His Master's Noise" by Kaktus. Fairly sure that would be hand-coded. Also I think TSM's songs were indeed done in assembler. (lovely waveform manipulation in those, I've still got their Musicdisk 3 somewhere)


His Master's Noise Mahoney&Kaktus
The "Storm" track by HQC
One of the Suntronic musicdisks - Number 4

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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Mahoney is a computer audio god, I wouldn't be surprised of anything coming from him, have you heard the things he made the C64 do recently?
I have. We are approaching the realm of magic.
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Originally Posted by 4mat_ View Post
He's probably thinking of the reset part in "His Master's Noise" by Kaktus.
I found the one I was thinking of: [ Show youtube player ]
But if I had my neurons mixed up or not I don't know. Reading all the way through the scroller will have to wait.

EDIT:I read it all and there was nowt about any synthesis. So not that one then. The suggestions by 4mat rang no bells with me. I still think I read somewhere that they did, but I'm out of ideas.

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Mark Wright
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Unless I've misunderstood the OP's query...

The two best examples of "non-format" purely assember coded player/notedata (so not binary included, actually declared as data and custom written) were:

(1) the HQC track already mentioned, although the system was (much) later developed by Thomas Lopatic into what could be considered a format:

[ Show youtube player ]

The source code for this intro did the rounds in the early days (no doubt it's still out there somewhere) and the player routine and data is included in the source...

(2) Felix Schmidt's Suntronic Sounds:

[ Show youtube player ]

That haunting song, among many others, used to be available from Exotica in an archive of source code, exposing how they were painstakingly made.

In the earliest days of the Amiga, playing a sample-loop of a few seconds of "real world" music was preferably to blips and blops, in order to show off the new machine's capabilities. EA and Aegis established the earliest "standards" with IFF/8SVX and SMUS for Sonix and Instant Music, creating a "format" that conformed to common rules for reproduction. It was a while before "C64-style" music would be accepted again.

I suppose, if you want to be picky, you might consider "directly coded music" to be the preserve of coder-musicians who used their own private routines, devoid of the kind of editors (aka trackers) that could be used by anyone else. Pioneers included Paul van der Valk, Ron Klaren, Jochen Hippel, Tim Follin... Darius Zendeh (Mark II) was in there at the start but released his own Mark II Sound System for general use. Karsten Obarski's career ended before it begun when his groundbreaking Soundtracker fell into the wrong hands...


Those Suntronic source files make for fascinating reading. They're not just replayers for module data, but huge self-contained works of art :-)
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