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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
You only have to replace the WinUAE.exe in the C:\Program Files\Cloanto\Amiga Forever\WinUAE dir and your pretty much set.

Thanks for the tip--it's that simple, eh? I've been making it way more complex (as usual)...

Thanks again for the tip!

I like both programs, actually--although I prefer WinUAE because it is simplicity itself to setup the programs and then save & label the configurations for my Amiga games individually. When I want to fire-up an Amiga game I just load the configuration and I'm off!

What I learned from Toni is that getting great compatibility in WinUAE is easy with the bog-standard A500 settings 99% of the time...My last Amiga was an A4000 w/Z-3 Fastlane, 1GB Hard drive (that cost a fortune, IIRC), the last Toaster/Lightwave package (still miss it), a Sunrize 24-bit Audio card--and all kinds of other, audaciously expensive stuff I dearly loved...! I forget how even on my A3000's I had trouble running some games that ran fine on a bog-standard A2000...!

WinUAE may be my cup of tea, but I still use and like AF just fine...! RP9 is pretty cool, too, as I like the way I can merge two ADF's together into a single RP9 and run the games from there...been experimenting a lot with AF lately. Yea...crashes and so on are not a problem I've had with AF. Some of the old Amiga cracks, now...that's an entirely different ball of wax...

What I think I like so much about WinUAE is that each official version seems markedly better than the last...!...(which is sort of unusual in the world of software we inhabit today, eh?) That reminds me, I have to shoot Toni a contribution soon--it is way, way overdue..! Years overdue, actually.
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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
I said genuine, maybe better description "Legal"
Nope, not legal either; see http://www.amiga-news.de/en/news/AN-...-00046-EN.html
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I'll leave that for Mike & Ralph to sort out, I'm too busy using AF at the mo'
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