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Hi There

Hi everyone,

I found out about this board from posting over at Lemon Amiga. My friend and I have a podcast about the Amiga called Amigos. I'm hoping to use this board to develop a little bit of the British perspective of the Amiga series, as we go forward with the Podcast.

A little about myself:

I never owned an Amiga when I was growing up. I was always an Atari 8 bit guy, and then I transitioned to Macs after that. What really got me into Amiga was a series of articles Ars Technica did on the history of the Amiga. Imagine my surprise when I saw the connection between my beloved Atari 8 bits and the Amiga through Jay Miner!

On the podcast, I play the role of the Amiga novice (it's not a hard role to play) while my cohost Aaron is able to speak about Amiga for days, so it gives me a chance to ask some questions from the perspective of someone who didn't grow up using the platform. He's also ten years older than me (43 to my 34) so he can speak more to what it was like "living in the moment" with the Amiga while there were so many competing platforms around.

Even though I'm American, I did live in Sheffield for almost a year during my graduate studies, though I'm sad to report I didn't see any Amigas hanging about at that time, though to be fair, I've still never seen an Amiga "in the wild" here, apart from my collector friends. I look forward to reading the boards and getting some input on show ideas! Thanks everyone!
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