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Limited Array Of CDTV Games

Why were there a Limited Array Of CDTV Games?
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Perhaps Commodore didn't sell too many CDTVs? I seem to recall that they were close to $1000.00 US when they came out. I didn't buy mine until many years later
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The 3 factors springing immediately to mind are: It wasn't hugely successful, only came with a remote control rather than eg. a joystick, and wasn't marketed as a games machine.
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And add to that the CD32 coming only a couple of years later, with much improved graphics, FMV etc.
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The CDTV flopped big-time. It was very much ahead of its time in 1991 but it just didn't capture the publics imagination. It probably wasn't marketed well enough either.
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Still, with full kit (Keyboard, mouse, external floppy and monitor) it's easily the best looking Amiga ever made.
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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Still, with full kit (Keyboard, mouse, external floppy and monitor) it's easily the best looking Amiga ever made.
Definitely, add to that setup the black wireless mouse.
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because C= screw CDtv, they do not believe in it and do not promote it much. When it was made it was "a thing", but nobody at C= talk about it as new Amiga. It was expansive, cd's with software and games were expansive, and those games were not improved (so why buy cd if You can have floppy).
Still I love cdtv design, it looks much more better than cheep plastic-sega-clone cd32.
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I'm not sure if any machine like that would have been a success. Philips tried a couple of years later with the CD-I. It also didn't do well, and the only reason for that wasn't the bad games available for it.
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I think they should not release stuff like Indoor Plants [ Show youtube player ] [ Show youtube player ] and Global Chaos [ Show youtube player ]
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