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Amiga Mod Scene

I appreciate I've posted a similar request before but I would be interested in opinions on where - if anywhere - is the best place to look for the current Amiga 'Mod scene' such as it is. I know things are nothing like the early nineties these days but there does seem to be some activity but I can't work out if / where the best place is for new Mod releases. I look on the Mod Archive and Bitfellas regularly but can't work out if the posts on there are repeats of old Mods ppl have rediscovered or they are genuinely new? on Bitfellas the Kestra Bitworld Janeway thingy especially does my head in - it seems busy but just seems to be loads of ppl posting regurgitations of old 90s Mods - wtf?

Also can't get my head around Nectarine is it a source for new Mods to download or do i use it as a target for internet radio. if its the latter then has anyone had any luck lately using Aminet Radio (it seems buggered for me under AmiKit) or should I just give up and use say Winamp?

Am I wasting my time trying to find an Amiga Mod scene that no longer exists (for regular new stuff anyway) or am I just looking in the wrong places?

Help me Obi Wan etc...
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Good questions. Do you know AMP? I don`t know if there is a place but most mod releases are on scene parties or demo scene production releases. Sometimes there is a mod competition somewhere. Aminet gets only a few these days. I hope someone else can tell you more.
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wtf ? we hunt down all Amiga demo material that was released at any time, that includes "old 90s" stuff, indeed. Kestra aims to be a repository, so ..
Anyway, at AMP, we certainly try to be up to date and as Daxb said, most MOD releases we know about come from parties. And I'm a little late there ... but the main part of the uploads are about these "old 90s", as you say.
I would look at demozoo. They gather everything that gets released almost live. Though, you'll have to filter the MOD part, I guess.
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Ok thanks guys. I have been looking at demozoo which does seem to have a reasonable list of mods. It shows 27 ish releases for the Amiga for this year & as you say they all seem to come from compos at parties.

So sorry but still trying to get my head round the 'scene' as such. If demozoo is a good yardstick for the actual volume of new mod releases & Janeway Bitworld is a repository of old stuff ppl keep finding what then is The Mod Archive all about? I get it shows a much wider variety of formats but even just looking at mods alone that shows around 26 mod titles since mid May under 'New Additions'? Are these all new too or is it the same as Janeway Bitworld so old stuff rediscovered ?

Perhaps I need to move on & accept the Amiga mod scene is no longer but have always liked the idea of using the Amiga to play weekly new stuff in the hope that there is still a vibrant mod/music scene. Maybe its all streaming now - like Nectarine / SceneSat Radio & others?

PS - again - has anyone at all had any luck recently with AminetRadio or should I accept its totally buggered & move on and use WinAmp or something instead?
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the main output of music/mod files is comming from the demoscene these days..
i suggested you through scene.org incomming parties section and download the music compo archives. they will have everything new from parties as they happen and older historical parties if u feel like diving into that.... but really what im saying is they have the demo party releases including demos and all the music compos pretty quickly.
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Yes, Andyhants, you asked the same (well, not about mods but streams) time ago and I told you to use AKReal instead, as there you've got 10 radio streams to play radio, but you didn't try.

I've made just now an icon-script that uses AmigaAmp.NoFPU and it will run Modules.pl in your Amiga as far as you've got Sys:Utilities/AmigaAmp/AmigaAmp.NoFpu

It's the beginning of the future AKReal 8.6.

To listen to it in a real amiga you need an 060 or a MAS player and configure AmigaAmp to use it. On WinUAE just doubleclick on it.

Edit: I've just listened this Wonder there http://www.modules.pl/?id=module&mod=2999
Just press on the play button -look at the screen and search for the play button- and wait a little, it starts slow . It's Zentrix - Legokrig gillar!
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i know it's offtopic but if you want to get latest Amiga demos a good place is http://amiga.bbs.fi/
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Andyhants in my next AKReal 8.6 update I will add some radio streams in a new folder I've called "Modules/Old Skool":

- Kohina
- Modules.pl
- Nectarine
- Slay Radio

If any knows of any other that has to be there please tell.

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